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hypegirl healing

a holistic approach to healing through sobriety

for optimal wellness


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there's a new master authority on this wellness block!

hey there, welcome in!

i'm jaime and i am a sobriety expert,

skilled herbalist,

and natural healing & wellness educator.

i help people discover a holistic approach to healing through sobriety for

optimal wellness.

c'mon in and peek around!

hypegirl healing offers a number of resources and solutions to help you achieve unparalleled success in all of your goals!

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hypegirl healing's signature digital course - 

the 30-day no drinking challenge

give yourself 30 days, and become the ultimate

best version of yourself!


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the ULTIMATE sober resource that is jam-packed with everything you need to succeed in your

alcohol-free living goals!

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ready to experience that tipsy feeling every single morning?

these digital workbooks are your magical companion to undeniable freedom in your life!

the wellness workbook

the sober handbook


bottom's up!

from drinkware to loungewear,

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girl, you have helped me SO MUCH with getting and staying sober.

december 30,2019 baybie and still going strong!

thank YOU for being brave enough by going first and making sobriety fucking COOL.

the accountability, camaraderie, cool-ass vibe, and weekly positivity explosions i experienced with your program has gotten me here to my 12th-month being booze-free.

my holidays are gonna be LIIIIIIIT this year and for the first time, i will remember them and won’t be embarrassed by my behavior (unless you got something against my bad dancing).

i owe you hypegirl healing something FIERCE xoxo

heavily influenced

the after party

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email: hypegirlhealing@gmail.com

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