Imagine 90 days from now, and you no longer suffer from hangovers.

You no longer feel a need to end each day with vodka or wine.

You no longer desire to be out, socializing, spending money you don't have & being around people you don't really care to be.

Imagine 90 days from now, and you're healthier in so many areas of your life, including:

  • better eating habits

  • better rest from a beautiful night's sleep

  • better, noticeably more radiant skin

  • increased weight loss

  • increased energy

  • increased productivity

  • more money

  • more confidence, especially in social situations

  • less brain fog

  • less bloating

  • less name a few.

Imagine 90 days from now, and you're happier, fulfilled, tuned into your passions, your desires, your motivations in life, and able to wake up each day grateful, thankful, and ready to conquer the world.



Why commit to 12-weeks?

90 days was the amount of time it took for me to begin thinking "maybe this drinking gig is done for me."


And as day 91, day 100, day 250 came and went, I began to realize that alcohol no longer had a place in my new life that I created for myself. 

Today, I am happy to share that I have over three years of living a booze-free life, and it's now time for me to use my knowledge and wisdom, my intuition and my gifts to begin helping those who are ready for an EPIC comeback by putting down the bottle and investing in their future.

Being able to show up each week for yourself, in a safe space to talk about it all, putting down the weight of it all, and bravely begin unraveling your story about booze, will begin to heal those parts we all neglect and hope just go away. 

Give this gift to yourself, as you are SO WORTHY and DESERVING of this time to explore all parts of yourself.

It's safe here.

You don't have to do it alone for one more moment longer.


in THese 12 weeks

Deep Dive Conversations

Begin unraveling the story around alcohol and taking  a look at the relationship you have with it.

Weekly Sessions

Commit to connecting

to yourself  & your WHY each week online

for 60-90 minutes

Changed Habits

Ways to support the very things you crave in your life with simple tweaks to your lifestyle

Support & Guidance

1:1 support

 each week for 90 days,

as you bravely walk

this new path to freedom

Wellness Strategies

Incorporate new wellness practices as you become more aware and present in your life

Coping Strategies

Productive ways to feel through the uncomfortable bumps along the way that support your goals

ARE you ready for a new journey for this new decade?

If you've read this far, have nodded your head and felt excited...

this is for you!

If you're nervous about letting the light of day hit your words, and begin identifying your triggers that alcohol fuels...this is for you!

If you have tried quitting in the past, only to go right back to the same drinking/hungover/anxiety cycle every single time...this is for you!

If you've been longing for change with the way you drink, but don't think AA is a good fit...this is for you!

If you are done hiding in shame, guilt, disappointment and regret from the way you drink or the way you behave while drinking..this is for you!

If you feel like there's no way out because your life is wrapped up and completely surrounded by the party life...this is for you!

If you've completed 30 or 60 days without booze, and want to continue along in your journey with total control, empowerment, support and accountability...THIS IS FOR YOU!


If all of this sounds like exactly what you want and need, then take the next step

and schedule a 30-minute call.

This is a time for me to assess your individual needs and your current level of commitment, and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Here, we can ensure we are a perfect fit for another.

While there are many entry points when starting a booze-free journey, this path and this process calls for those who are BEYOND READY to show up for themselves,

who are committed to 90-days of hard work, even when the days and weeks get really tough. 

You will have my full attention, my full energy & my full support through it all,

every step of the way, so, in turn, the half-hearted who are not looking for major life changes that will stick need not apply...

and of course, for those individuals, there's a place for you, too, at the monthly

sober-curious circle

(because not everyone is ready for this level of commitment, but we all have to start somewhere).

I'm so excited to be offering this new service, and cannot wait for you to arrive home after all these years.

Now, let's get to work, girl!

©2019 by Hypegirl Healing.