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hypegirl healing's sober toolkit

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this step-by-step guide covers all the basics so you can feel super empowered and crazy confident to move forward with your alcohol-free living goals!


the sober toolkit was designed to give you the support and guidance you need to get sober and stay sober.


it's loaded with all the best go-to resources like:

  • EXACTLY what you'll need to increase your success

  • places to find immediate support the moment you want to stop drinking

  • sheets to fill out that cater to your specific needs in becoming alcohol-free

  • step-by-step guides to get the answers you'll need to meet your specific requirements in sobriety

...and all available at your fingertips the moment you sign up to receive this must-have sober resource!

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Hey there, I'm Jaime

i am a retired red wine lover,

who could throwback whiskey with the best of 'em while washing it all down with a pint and a pinot noir.

Selfie 2.jpg

today, i'm a sober ninja and natural healing educator, helping people discover a holistic approach to healing through sobriety for optimal wellness.

i have been helping people draft their unique roadmap to an alcohol-free life, to help them regain their life back, and i wanted to design a resource that was jam-packed with all the goodies to get you excited and ready for the journey ahead.

my entire life changed the moment i stopped drinking alcohol, and i know this will be true for you, too, and with the sober toolkit, you'll be THAT much closer to the life you are so very deserving of!

- jaime

Let's Get This Party Started!

it's time to get HYPED for the journey aheadand put these tools to use!

your new, beautiful, sober life is waiting,

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