Looking To Quit Drinking?


Online Socializing

Do you:

  • think about quitting drinking but not sure where or when to start?

  • not have anyone in your life that can relate to you, which makes you feel all alone with this "sober thing"?

  • wish you had some people who knew what it was like, whom you could connect with, and who shared some of the goals and struggles you have?

  • rationalize your drinking habits by saying you just need to cut back/moderate down to a few drinks per week?

  • refer to yourself as a social drinker or someone who goes a little too hard on the weekend?

Yep, I know that feeling, and that's exactly why I wanted to create a space for all of us on this sober journey, where we could find others just like us!

This free online sober community is for ANYONE who is on the sober curious spectrum: from wanting to stop drinking and haven't just yet, to those who are sober veterans and damn proud of it!

C'mon over and join the party...it's time you make one day your day one and meet some cool people who are doing this sober thing successfully. Plus, gain access to the monthly trainings and workshops, as well as the sober resource library.

What are you waiting for? See you inside!