Question For You...

What if you could quit drinking, challenge yourself daily,

discover endless motivation, and feel super empowered

to create a new, healthy, sober lifestyle

in the span of just 30 days?

Or, Let Me Re-Phrase

What if, in the next 30 days, you could create achievable, healthy habits during the time you are not drinking?


...habits that would create positive change in your life,

in so many areas of your life,

for the better?

...habits that give you newfound levels of energy and a

renewed sense and purpose in your life?

If you want to challenge yourself and start building

sustainable, healthy habits while you're not drinking...

keep on reading!

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Here's The Problem

You know that in order to quit drinking and create a healthy, sober lifestyle, you need the proper tools to formulate sustainable habits. However... are constantly swimming in a vicious cycle of:

  • hangovers

  • headaches

  • anxiety

  • guilt

  • shame

  • regret

  • disgust

  • blackouts

  • not being present with family & friends

  • feeling like a failure...AGAIN

  • hiding from your reality

  • pretending that "everything's fine"

Can You Imagine?

Imagine having a new, healthy, sober lifestyle without the overwhelm of how/where to begin,

the constant internal battle if you have a problem

or not with drinking,

where you just get to focus on yourself for 30 days?

I bet if I fast forward into the future, it would look like:

decreased anxiety, zero hangovers, beautiful mornings, restful sleep, the ability to tackle new habits that never seemed achievable, dreams reached, and a better life for yourself all around!

If you want to feel empowered as you quit drinking, and begin creating 

positive changes in your life, I have something for you...


THE 30-day No drinking challenge

Daily challenges that inspire and encourage you

to make healthy changes in your life while you are not drinking

for 30 days

Small Strokes
Image by Cyrus Crossan

“Girl, you have helped me SO MUCH with getting and staying sober. December 30, 2019 and still going strong!

Thank YOU for being brave enough by going first and making sobriety fucking COOL.

The accountability, comraderie, cool-ass vibe, and weekly positivity explosions I experienced with your program has gotten me here to my 12th-month being booze-free.

My holidays are gonna be LIIIIIIIT this year and for the first time I will remember them and won’t be embarassed by my behavior (unless you got something against my bad dancing).

I owe you Hypegirl Healing something FIERCE xoxo."

Here's How It All Breaks Down:

Video Portal

30 days of video portal access to daily challenges. Secure login so you can visit each day when it's convenient for you.

Online Community

Exclusive Facebook 

community for the participants of the challenge.

Feel supported, gain accountability, and find new connections.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A with direct communication and support from group coaching.

Get top-notch 1:1 support directly in the private online community!

Join Now!

The 30-Day No Drinking Challenge

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

30 days of video portal access to daily challenges - $300 value

Exclusive online community support - $97 value

Live Q&A with group coaching inside the online community - $125 value


Total Value = $522

Challenge Price = ONLY $57!!!!!

Small Strokes

In addition to everything inside

The 30-Day No Drinking Challenge,

I’m also going to throw in

an ADDED bonus to give you

ALL the support you'll need

in order to quit drinking

and feel empowered to create a new,

healthy, sober lifestyle that'll stick! 

Bonus Offer

Gain an EXTRA MONTH FREE inside

the exclusive online community,

where you'll be able to grow, support, encourage, share,

and connect with like-minded people for an additional 30 days


The Face Behind

The 30-Day No Drinking Challenge:

Hi there, I'm Jaime and it's so nice to meet you! 

I cannot wait to cheer you on and HYPE you up

(my specialty, hence the name) as you accept

each challenge over these next 30 days!

After years of struggling to achieve a healthy lifestyle and make positive changes in my life, sobriety opened the door to endless motivation and lit a fire in my soul to begin making healthy choices in every area of my life.

I created this challenge to help empower those who want to quit drinking

and make some small positive changes in their lives,

that will help create new habits while you get sober, just like I did.

I look forward to seeing the changes unfold for you,

so I'll see you inside the challenge!

  - jaime

You Have Questions?

I Have Answers!

What is included in the challenge?

In the 30-Day No Drinking Challenge, you'll have immediate access to the video portal, as well as 60 FULL DAYS at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the online Facebook community.  You'll also have live Q & A's where you'll receive group coaching, to ask all of your questions that arise during the challenge.

What do I need to do?

First, you'll need to sign-up and register to become a member. Once you register, you'll see a notification that states "This page is available only for subscribers", so click the "Check Plans"  and proceed to checkout. Once you complete registration and payment, you can jump into the video portal right away. You'll also receive a welcome email, with all the instructions on how to get started, delivered straight to your inbox. Your access to the video portal and the daily challenges is for 30 days, starting on the day you sign up. You'll then want to sign in every day to the video portal to discover your daily challenge and visit the Facebook community to share what came up for you with each challenge.

What will I gain?

The sky is the limit on what you'll gain, but for starters, decreased anxiety, zero hangovers, beautiful mornings, restful sleep, the ability to tackle new habits that never seemed achievable, a new connection with a community of other like-minded people, and did I mention ZERO HANGOVERS?

What if I’m not ready or willing to do the day's challenge? 

Use this challenge as a guideline and make it your own! All throughout the challenge, it's mentioned that if something feels too big or too overwhelming to tackle, then you make the best decision for YOU and maybe skip that day, and meet right back in the video portal the next day. There is no such thing as failure here in this challenge, so do what feels best for you, continue to show up every day, and feel supported in the online community!


Still Undecided?

Still not sure if the

30-Day No Drinking Challenge is for you?

This program is a perfect fit for you if...

You're the social drinker who has drunk way too much in 2020 - because it was a very tough year and alcohol was the way you knew how to cope with the ever-changing climate. Before you knew it, you were drinking a LOT more than you're comfortable admitting, and well, here you are (but welcome! you are right where you belong!)

You're a mom/dad who has leaned into alcohol a little (or a lot) too much  - because parenting is beyond anything you can EVER be fully prepared for, and the mounting lists of things that need to get done and accomplished to just make it through the day seems a bit easier with the help of some alcohol. But when your glass of wine turns into a bottle or more just about every night, you are starting to think there's got to be a better way.

You want more for your life but cannot seem to kick the habit of drinking - because you constantly battle the idea of "having a problem" and "not having a problem", and you want to begin all sorts of things that would enhance your life, but that damn drinking habit followed by hangovers makes it virtually impossible to achieve ANYTHING.

You're ready and excited to stop drinking or take a much needed time out - because sometimes you just need to re-calibrate and re-focus your time, energy, and resources, and this is EXACTLY what you need right now!

The 30-Day No Drinking Challenge

Join Now!

30 days.

Quit drinking.

Challenge yourself.

Create new habits.

Feel supported.

Find new friends.

Invest in your best self TODAY!

All for $57!!

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