THE Ultimate 40-Page DIgital guide

That helps you unravel your relationship to alcohol and uncover the unknowns

about your drinking habit, so you can begin Living your fabulous Alcohol-Free Life!


It's 90 days from now, and you no longer suffer from hangovers.

You no longer feel a need to end each day with a Drink In Hand.

You no longer desire to be ouT And socializing, spending money you don't have & being around people and places you don't really care to be.

Imagine in just a few short months and you're healthier in so many areas of your life, including:

  • better eating habits

  • better rest from a beautiful night's sleep

  • better, noticeably more radiant skin

  • increased weight loss

  • increased energy

  • increased productivity

  • more money

  • more confidence, especially in social situations

  • less brain fog

  • less bloating

  • less name a few.

You're happier.

You'Re More fulfilled In Life.

YOu're tuned into your passions and desires. You're motivaTeD and able to wake up each day grateful, thankful, and ready to conquer the worLd.


SOunds Pretty Unreal, right?

Hey There!

My name is Jaime And I'm a retired red wine lover.

I had multiple drunk dial affairs with

whiskey and margaritas,

but washED Away the denial with endless

pints and pinot noir.

Fast forward to today, and I am a

sober and wellness expert

helping people discover a holistic approach

to healing through sobriety.

I quit drinking in 2017

and have been part of the

#sobercurious movement since 2019

with the creation of Hypegirl Healing.

I am so happy you are here, and please know

that you are NOT alone in your wants and

desires to have a better relationship with

alcohol, even if it means giving it up for good.

After all, sobriety is the coolest thing trending 

on the wellness block, so invest in this must-have 

tool and watch the mega transformation unfold!

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Great question!


The Sober Handbook is designed exclusively for the sober-curious community, 

from my very own sober journey. 

As I mentioned above, I have been living a booze-free life since 2017,

and The Sober Handbook is a collection of the mind-blowing truths about alcohol 

that I untapped and discovered along my path, that is now available to you.

Stop drinking alcohol for good and start living your greatest life possible

with a lil' help from The Sober Handbook!

This handbook has been designed for you to go at your own pace,

as you go through each of the three modules.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to live a sober life, and so everyone's journey will be different...and The Sober Handbook was crafted with this in mind.

Do you feel out of control trying to moderate once you have that one drink?

Are you tired of promising yourself you'll just have one?

Feel like you're on a hamster wheel with your drinking?

Exhausted with the incessant thoughts around alcohol and your drinking?

Sick of pretending you're not crippled from a hangover?

Ready to let go of the constant guilt, shame, embarrassment, and anxiety that is ever-present?

Feeling a glimmer of hope as you read this page, thinking this might be the very thing you need?

Go ahead.

Give this gift to yourself today, as you are so worthy and deserving of the time

needed to explore all the parts of yourself as you start an alcohol-free lifestyle.

It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself!

Hypegirl Healing_ SPIAD Course Mockup Te

A sneak Peek 


Blank Notebook

3 Modules PLUS Bonuses

The Sober Handbook is divided into three modules, that include bonus topics that you can add on as you move along in your sober journey

Image by Jess Bailey



Committing to yourself and this booze-free lifestyle means seeing what's working and what needs more of your attention.

The Sober Handbook has you covered, showing you exactly where the attention needs to go each week.

Image by Sincerely Media

Easy to Use

The Sober Handbook has been beautifully designed with easy, step-by-step instructions that help to unravel the truths about your drinking habits




As you begin to take a closer look at your relationship to alcohol, a list of resources are included for additional healing and support

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This 40-page instant digital download gets delivered directly to your inbox, and is ready to be printed off and used the moment you purchase it!

Get started immediately and say GOODBYE to those hangovers!


Extra Support

Only offered to those who purchase The Sober Handbook, boost your support with an exclusive offer to work with me DIRECTLY.

Is This For mE?

The Sober Handbook is for you if:

You've read this far and you have nodded your head in sheer excitement and relief.

You're nervous about taking this first step, but you're ready to begin learning about your relationship with alcohol.

You have tried quitting in the past, only to go right back to the same drinking/hungover/anxiety cycle every single time...and you're sick and tired of it!

You've been longing for change with the way you drink, but don't think AA is a good fit for your situation.

You are done hiding in shame, guilt, disappointment, and regret from the way you drink or the way you behave while drinking.

You feel like there's no hope because your life is totally wrapped up and completely consumed with drinking and alcohol.

The Sober Handbook May NOT Be for you if:

You've read this far and think "Yea right; that's all lies."

You're nervous about taking this first step and you're already doubting the process.

You brush off hangovers and tune out the pain it physically, mentally, and emotionally brings.

You cannot properly function and feel ill in the morning unless you begin drinking immediately (this requires medical attention and I would recommend seeking professional medical help).


You aren't willing to accept the choices and actions you made in the past when you were drinking or under the influence.

You don't experience any negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions from your drinking habit.

You are not willing to make changes in your behaviors towards drinking and alcohol.


What happens after I purchase The Sober Handbook?

Once you make your purchase, you'll receive a few emails that contain the link to download The Sober Handbook and what next steps you can take for continued success. You are fully supported and cared for here at Hypegirl Healing, and I want nothing more than to see you succeed with all of your sobriety and wellness goals!

How do I access a digital product?

You will receive an email almost immediately after your purchase, so you'll want to head to your inbox and open the email from Hypegirl Healing. Inside the email, you'll see a link to click and you'll follow the step-by-step instructions your device will prompt for you to gain access. If you have any problems or difficulties at all, you can always shoot a​ message in the live online chat feature here on the website or use the contact form on the home page.


Do I need to print the pages or can I reference them on my computer/ mobile device?

Whatever floats your boat! I personally need to print things like this off, so I can physically write down my responses to the questions/tasks. You can totally reference The Sober Handbook page by page and write your responses down in a journal or notebook, too. It's really up to you and what you think will work best for the way you learn.

What if it doesn't work?

Already got you covered! There is a built-in progress tracker, that allows you to truthfully answer specific questions to target certain areas that might need more attention and focus to find your success. There is also the bonus offer (that is only available to those who purchase The Sober Handbook) to schedule 1:1 sessions with me if you feel like you need that extra boost in support.

Get your copy today!

Don't Let Your Mind Talk You Out Of It Now!

If you're reading this then YOU ARE SO READY!

Gain immediate access to The Sober Handbook.

Start your amazing alcohol-free journey.

Enjoy the self-paced modules that walk you through each stage of the process,


Load up on extra support with 1:1 private guidance sessions.

Say goodbye to the drinking cycle and HELLO to your best self,

all for the insanely low price of just