ARE YOU READY to end the struggle?

Discover your true relationship to alcohol so you can finally stop struggling to quit drinking for good


The struggle is real.
VERY real.
You have all the best intentions to get a grip on your drinking habit, but you are
stuck in a vicious cycle.

You can successfully quit for short or long periods of time, proving to yourself that you don't have a problem, yet you always find yourself right back where you started- struggling, frustrated, and filled with guilt and shame

You know that you can control your drinking, and all you need to do is cut back a bit or  moderate the amount that you drink...

except anytime you try to limit your consumption, it never works.

You don't want to quit drinking for forever, because drinking is a big part of your life. You  just need to be more disciplined. It's pretty simple (in theory), but you find yourself constantly questioning what is wrong with you.


You don't know what to do next,
but you
do know that you are totally done with:

Exhausting yourself, both physically and mentally, trying to figure out a better way to control your drinking.

Hiding the heavy emotions, like guilt and shame, from yourself and from others about your drinking habit

Procrastinating to find a better solution because you are either struggling to define if you have a true problem with drinking or you're totally overwhelmed by what would come next if you looked for help.

I'm going to put an end to this struggle,
without any more added mental stress

There is a way to stop the constant dialogue of trying to moderate (because ain't nobody got time to waste on dead end thinking)

There is a way to end the procrastination and get the results you want in your life (because today is a brand new day and you've wasted enough time doubting yourself)

There is a way to successfully understand your drinking habit and make better choices (because ain't nobody got time for one more day of frustration)

Unlike other programs that offer
pricey coaching packages for months at a time,
this solution goes 
straight to the root cause of it all

This process is straightforward and cuts straight to the punch,
with a proven strategy I have used over and over again.

Straight to the heart of it all.


Never having to suffer another hangover again.


Eliminating the exhausting thoughts that are on repeat about your drinking habit.

Dramatically reducing the feelings of failure, guilt, shame, and/or embarassment

Imagine all the areas of your life that will be radically transformed:

  • better eating habitsbetter rest from a beautiful night's sleep, and better, more radiant skin

  • increased weight loss, energy, and productivity

  • more money and confidence (especially in social situations)

  • less brain fog, bloating, and anxiety

You're happier.

You're more fulfilled in life.


You're more present in the relationships that mean

the most to you.

You have more clarity & freedom to be the person

you know you are meant to be.


Sounds pretty unreal, right?

Hey There!

My name is Jaime and I'm a retired red wine lover.

I had multiple drunk dial affairs with

whiskey and margaritas,

but washed away the denial with endless

pints and pinot noir.

Fast forward to today, and I am a

sober and wellness expert

helping people discover a holistic approach

to healing through sobriety.

I quit drinking in 2017

and have been part of the

#sobercurious movement since 2019

with the creation of Hypegirl Healing.

I am so happy you are here, and please know

that you are NOT alone in your wants and

desires to have a better relationship with

alcohol, even if it means giving it up for good.

Now without further ado, allow me to share my most powerful tool created to help YOU !

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The Relationship Reboot has been designed

exclusively for the sober-curious community, 

that want to get to the root cause of their rocky, on-again

off-again relationship to alcohol.

In this powerful digital guidebook, you'll learn how to:

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the ULTIMATE 3-step guide that will powerfully uncover your

true relationship to alcohol so you can end the struggle and dramatically change your drinking habit for good (formerly The Sober Handbook)

discover the truth about your relationship to alcohol (so you can stop assuming)

create a healthy mindset around quitting drinking and getting sober (without any confusion or overwhelm)

navigate suppressed feelings and emotions (so you can be in control of your life)

What's Included Inside The Relationship Reboot?


In this module, you'll begin to uncover your unique relationship to alcohol. You'll be guided along as you unravel all the pieces that make up your "it's complicated" status with booze

Immense clarity around how alcohol and drinking became an important part of your life, so you can implement changes immediately



In this module, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to understand your current thoughts around not drinking and how to transform them to jumpstart your new, healthy life


Develop a growth mindset that will enhance your ability to create healthier habits around not drinking and sobriety


In this module, you will begin to explore your feelings and emotions that have been buried deep. You'll be guided along to discover the base of those feelings, bringing some much needed clarity to why the struggle with alcohol exists


Turn your buried emotions into valuable insights and lessons that will transform your struggles into strength


I'm throwing in some incredible value-packed bonuses to boost your knowledge and exceed your break-up goals!


Working with your emotions is some of the hardest work you can do. I'm giving you SIX top-notch resources you can lean into when you need or want additional support

BONUS #2: 

In order to see where your time and energy is needed, I am including an evaluation tracker. No more guessing what you need to focus on- it's all outlined for you to stay on track!


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I know the power of this product, but the best part is, YOU get to see it for yourself!

IF YOU'RE NOT 100% SATISFIED with the 3-step method and the extra bonuses within 7 DAYS, I will offer you a FULL REFUND.

That means YOU get to decide if this product is a good fit for your particular learning style and for your unique goals with ZERO RISK.

Experience it for yourself today, RISK FREE for 7 days!

Is This For mE?

The Relationship Reboot is for you if:

You've read this far and have nodded your head in sheer excitement, relieved that someone understands your struggle!

You're nervous about taking this first step, but you're super motivated to begin learning about your relationship with alcohol.

You have tried quitting in the past, only to go right back to the same drinking/hungover/anxiety cycle every single time...and you're sick and tired of it!

You've been longing for change with the way you drink, but don't think AA is a good fit for your situation.

You are done hiding in shame, guilt, disappointment, and regret from the way you drink or the way you behave while drinking.

You feel like you've lost hope because your life is totally wrapped up with drinking, but you're highly motivated to end this struggle for good.

The Relationship Reboot May NOT Be for you if:

You've read this far and think "Yea right; that's all lies."

You're nervous about taking this first step and you're already doubting the process.

You brush off hangovers and tune out the pain it physically, mentally, and emotionally brings.

You cannot properly function and feel ill in the morning unless you begin drinking immediately (this requires medical attention and I would recommend seeking professional medical help).


You aren't willing to accept the choices and actions you made in the past when you were drinking or under the influence.

You don't experience any negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions from your drinking habit.

You are not ready or willing to make changes in your behaviors towards drinking and alcohol.


What happens after I purchase The Relationship Reboot?

Once you make your purchase, you'll receive a few emails that contain the link to download The Relationship Reboot guidebook and what next steps you can take for continued success. You are fully supported and cared for here at Hypegirl Healing, and I want nothing more than to see you succeed with all of your sobriety and wellness goals!

How do I access a digital guidebook?

You will receive an email almost immediately after your purchase, so you'll want to head to your inbox and open the email from Hypegirl Healing. Inside the email, you'll see a link to click and you'll follow the step-by-step instructions on your device to gain access and download. If you have any problems or difficulties at all, you can always send a message in the live online chat feature here on the website or use the contact form on the home page.


Do I need to print the pages or can I reference them on my computer/ mobile device?

Whatever floats your boat! I personally need to print things like this off, so I can physically write down my responses to the questions/tasks. You can totally reference The Relationship Reboot page by page and write your responses down in a journal or notebook, too. It's really up to you and what you think will work best for the way you learn.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Already got you covered! There is a built-in progress tracker, that allows you to truthfully answer specific questions to target certain areas that might need more attention and focus to find your success. There is also an exclusive opportunity to schedule 1:1 sessions with me if you feel like you need that extra boost in support.


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and I want you to know there is hope and a solution!


Let me help you with my step-by-step process that unravels all that junk jumbled up inside your head, and make sense of it all for a permanent solution that WORKS!

You are capable and YOU ARE SO READY!

Say goodbye to the drinking cycle and say HELLO to your new, beautiful life!

Get your copy of The Relationship Reboot for the insanely low price of just