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the wellness checklist helps you organize your most important wellness goals, so they become plans for your wednesday evening instead of ideas that continuously crowd the space in your mind.


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  • that yoga class you wanted to try

  • that new herbal remedy that everyone's going crazy for

  • that therapy appt. you keep meaning to make

  • that new food blogger's recipes  you wanted to begin cooking

this checklist includes genius categorizing and an easy-to-use checklist system.


the key to moving from ideas that go nowhere into actionable plans to achieve in no time flat is inside the wellness checklist!


Hey there, I'm Jaime

if you are looking for optimal wellness and are feeling overwhelmed with where to start, start here.

i'm a sobriety ninja and natural healing educator, helping people discover a holistic approach to healing through sobriety for optimal wellness.

i have been helping people draft a roadmap to their optimal wellness goals for years now, and i created this checklist

to get you closer to yours.

your wellness is your most important asset, so take control and get organized to take those next steps forward today!

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