Clean Eating Staples For Your Pantry

When it comes to clean and healthy living, what you have in your home makes all the difference.

In today's blog post, I want to help you make clean eating simple and easy by getting your pantry stocked with healthy foods that are packed with all the flavor and added health benefits, replacing your old staples that may be contributing to your physical and mental health problems.

Most of the items you'll want to have in your pantry will be used in your everyday clean eating recipes, making it a seamless transition from your usual pantry items, and I have found that no matter where you do your food shopping, these healthy foods can be found in almost every grocery store, from Trader Joe's to Walmart.

So let's jump in and get started with your clean eating pantry staples!


...because we all do better with lists, here are your go-to items you'll want to stock up on:

  • ghee/ clarified butter

  • maple syrup

  • local honey

  • nut flour

  • coconut aminos

  • avocado oil

  • olive oil

  • coconut oil

  • nut butter


First thing's first: let's swap out that bleached and processed sugar for clean and healthy alternatives:

honey and maple syrup.

If you can, finding local honey at either your grocery store or at a local farmer's market will not only sweeten everything from your healthy recipes to your morning cup of coffee, but it will also help you with seasonal allergies by building up your immunity to the pollens that give you all those awful symptoms (to learn more about this topic, go ahead and visit my blog all about honey as a natural and safe remedy for seasonal allergies.)

Alternately, swapping your table sugar for maple syrup gives your body the sweetness it enjoys with your clean eating dessert recipes AND delivers boatloads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Be sure you are buying quality maple syrup, so an organic brand that is grade B is a solid choice (grade B is the least processed, making it the most nutrient-dense option).


I was guilty of using olive oil for all of my healthy eating needs until I did more research and understood the benefits to have different oils in your pantry, and here's the quick breakdown:

  • avocado oil: terrific for cooking, baking, and marinades, as it can withstand temps up to 500 degrees without turning rancid and causing serious health issues. Swap out your canola oil for a MUCH healthier option!

  • olive oil: great for adding into recipes AFTER cooking, as olive oil cannot hold up to high temps when cooking, causing the oil to go rancid MUCH faster. Use this oil for dressings and dips.

  • coconut oil: much like olive oil, coconut oil doesn't have a very high heat range for most cooking needs, so use coconut oil when baking and lathering up pans when you won't go over 400 degrees.

The other item that is a must for your pantry in the clean eating fats department is ghee, also known as clarified butter. If you are eliminating dairy from your diet, but still want that nutty, buttery goodness for your cooking, this will be your new best friend!

Clarified butter can be found in the oil/baking section of your grocery store, and is health food approved because the dairy proteins lactose and casein, as well as all the milk solids, have been removed, only leaving the butterfat (which is the meat of the butter that holds all the taste!)

This also has a high heat index, so use this for all your cooking and baking needs.


Most people who are eating clean and beginning a healthy lifestyle will eliminate gluten because it is such a heavily processed item that causes a ton of health problems. So swap out that bleached and processed wheat flour for some healthy eating options that include nut flours, such as almond flour and coconut flour. Again, you want to buy organic and make sure there are no fillers in the ingredient list.

Another great addition to your healthy eating pantry is nut butter, like almond butter and cashew butter.

They're an excellent superfood to have on hand and can be added to a lot of healthy and clean eating recipes for some added texture and taste.

BEWARE: not all nut butter is treated equally! The Food Babe is an excellent source on all things clean eating and has written a terrific blog informing people on all things nut butter.

If you're not sure where to start or which brand to buy, I highly recommend checking out her article.


One of the most harmful items in your pantry might just be your soy sauce/teriyaki sauce. Loaded with MSG and made from soybeans, a genetically-modified food that really messes with hormones, this pantry staple might be hard to let go of, until now. Swap out your soy sauce/teriyaki sauce with coconut aminos, which is the fermented sap from coconut trees and loaded with nutrients and amino acids that will help support your body.


In closing, making food swaps to incorporate a healthy lifestyle is simple and easy once it's broken down and explained. This is a terrific starting point if you want to begin cooking more, eating clean, and making healthy recipes.

If health and wellness are one of your goals this year, healthy eating is a GREAT place to begin.

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