How to Align with Your Cycle for Optimal Health

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I've been diving deep into cyclical health, both with our cycles as women and with the cycles of the moon. There is so much wisdom in tapping into these cycles, that as I learn more, and am blown away by the results, I of course want and need to share here with all of you!

I've always dreaded my period, and I'm not sure many women can honestly say they are stoked for when their time of the month comes, either. BUT, what if we aligned with our cycles, and in particular, when it comes time for us to bleed? What if we took the time to nurture ourselves during our bleed, nourish our bodies with beautiful plant medicine (I have a wonderful and healing tea blend for this exact time of the month, so click here to read about it), and allowed this most sacred time each month be a time that aligns with what our bodies want and need?

In today's blog post, I'm going to share JUST how we can do that, outlining the stages of our cycle and how to best align our daily activities with this monthly cycle...and it's going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER! So let's get into it, shall we?

As females, our bodies are in a constant state of change, with the four phases we enter each and every month:

follicular phase

ovulation phase

luteal phase

menstruation phase

As I began to learn about cycles, and how you can work with them for optimal health, I was particularly interested in the female cycle. I know personally I was not super educated on this most sacred ritual that happens to each and every single female, and had never put in any thought to work with my very own cycle and align myself with a more flowing life in all areas: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

So once I began learning about this topic from cyclical practitioners, my mind was BLOWN with just how simple we can make things, if we just tap into our innate ability to heal.

As a business owner, it's hard for me to take a day off. There's always something to do and a never-ending to-do list that just continues to grow. How many of you can relate, whether or not you own a business?

So during my cycle, I align with each of my phases for my productivity levels, and what will be taken care of when each month, depending on my bleed.

Let me give you an example, of a typical productivity schedule:

  • follicular phase: planning, organizing, to-do's, making action plans; mind to muscle workouts, where I move my body in such a way that allows me to be with my thoughts and intuitively move accordingly; feeling into and listening to what my body wants for nourishment and planning meals accordingly.

  • ovulation phase: action, go time, high intensity, content creation, get shit done; next level workouts, where I push myself one more rep, a more difficult routine, more grunting and pushing beyond what I think I can accomplish; really clean and fuel-efficient nourishment with lots of hydration...LOTS of hydration.

  • luteal phase: tie up loose ends, complete projects, tweak things that aren't working, make adjustments to current situations; mind to muscle movement, slow and steady movements that focus on the negative release (in weight lifting, the negative is the movement with the most resistance, so if you were doing a bicep curl, you would prolong the time it takes to move the dumbbell down towards your leg, focusing on the negative, and really engaging the muscle in that movement); high-nutrient foods, lots of greens, lots of minerals, and again, lots of hydration.

  • menstruation phase: rest, relax, be, allow things of inspiration to move you, avoid making committed plans if you feel an inward pull to stay home, SLOW DOWN; nourish nourish nourish with foods and teas; build in rest days of movement, take slow and easy walks, take a swim, easy stretches.

As you can see, there will be times each month that you'll feel super charged with energy and other times that you'll feel uninspired- and guess what...THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL!

This grind mentality, that we have to go go go, work work work, push force just BS and it leads to extreme burnout and frustration. Wouldn't it have been a whole lot EASIER if we knew how to work in alignment WITH our cycles and fluctuating hormones, to lead a daily life that ebbs and flows just like our natural cycles do? Well friends, I've said it once and I'll say it again...once we know better, we do better, and now that I've given you a juicy bone to gnaw on, I think your life truly is about to change, and hopefully for the better!

One thing to note: I've mentioned in other blogs about cycle tracking, so if you are totally unaware of your cycle, a terrific place to start is here. There are plenty of apps that you can download, so you can start understanding your own cycle, and begin aligning with it as outlined here in this post.

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