The Ultimate Paleo Breakfast Charcuterie Board

pancake breakfast board with berries and melons

When you begin clean eating, sometimes you can lack original ideas/recipes for some of the same foods that you eat over and over again, and if this is true for you, welcome to the world of breakfast boards!

Breakfast boards, also known as breakfast charcuterie boards, brunch boards, or brunch charcuterie boards, are an incredible way to liven things up at the most important meal of the day.

In this post, you'll learn how to build your own breakfast board, what to include on your paleo breakfast charcuterie board, and where to find some delicious recipes for some solid brunch board inspo.


First thing's first: you have to have a solid board (usually a wooden cutting board) that you can begin building your display on.

It doesn't have to be wood; use your creativity and let your mind have some fun! I've seen marble platters, silver platters, Thanksgiving platters, ceramic platters....use what you have and get creative!

Next, you'll want to have an idea of the items you want to have displayed on your board. This way, you can map out where you'd like your items to go on the board so that everything fits.

Last, you'll want to use condiment dishes or small glass bowls for any toppings, dips, or sauces you'll want to include on your display. Think syrups, nut butters, jams, salsas, etc.

Once you have the above items, you can begin designing a rough layout to again ensure everything you want/need for your breakfast charcuterie board will fit properly. Starting with the largest items first, begin constructing the design, filling in the condiment dishes/bowls next.

After the largest items and condiment bowls have found homes on your breakfast board, now it's time to fill in the holes with the smaller items, like berries and nuts.

Once all of your items have been displayed and all toppings and dips have been filled, it's time to take that Instagram-worthy pic and show the world how you just turned your morning breakfast into a masterpiece with a beautiful breakfast board!


When you're following a paleo lifestyle, clean eating is a top priority. What better way to fuel your body with delicious and nourishing foods than with a breakfast board?!

Now that we've covered how to build a brunch board, let's talk about the items to include.

Here's a list of paleo-approved items you can have on your next brunch charcuterie board, but please know, BY NO MEANS is this a complete list! These are just some of the ideas you can use, but go wild and add whatever items you feel will make your board amazing:

  • fruits: melons, berries, bananas, grapes, apples, mangoes, cherries, pineapples, citrus

  • nuts: sky is the limit. Use them to sprinkle over your breakfast charcuterie board or to fill in holes on your board.

  • meats: paleo-approved bacon, sausage, and/or ham; go for some tenderloin or roast to be extra fancy! Don't forget about dried, cured meats...ALWAYS a crowd-pleaser and a delicious addition to any breakfast item!

  • fish: salmon, shrimp, and crab cake, OH MY! Add a lil' pizzazz and really step up your brunch board game!

  • yogurt: there are tons of dairy-free yogurt alternatives, and I personally LOVE this brand, Get Coconut Culture, as it's made with simple, clean ingredients and its texture and taste is to DIE for!

  • breads: yes, I know. Bread isn't something paleo folks eat much of, but there are tons of sweet bread recipes, like apple or pumpkin bread, that can be made paleo, and is a PERFECT addition to any breakfast charcuterie board.

  • eggs: no breakfast board would be complete without eggs, and how you'd like those eggs to be displayed are totally your call. Most popular are hard-boiled eggs or deviled eggs, but some over-medium eggs added as the last item would make your board a show stopper for sure!

  • veggies: avocados and tomatoes are always a lovely addition to any breakfast board, but go ahead and add sprouts and microgreens to not only add color but also nutrient-dense foods to your breakfast board! Maybe even add some breakfast potatoes or hashbrowns - why not!?

  • paleo pastries: nowadays, you can enjoy everything from paleo donuts to paleo cinnamon buns. A lil' something sweet will only make you feel like you've really outdone yourself with your breakfast board!

  • dips/sauces: depending on what you decide to include on your breakfast charcuterie board will dictate what condiments you'll want to include. Here's a list of some of the most popular:

  • maple syrup

  • honey

  • clarified butter

  • nut butter

  • jam

  • salsa

  • hot sauce

  • non-dairy whipped cream


So let's talk about some delicious recipes you can use to create a magical brunch board for your next breakfast!

Starting right here at Hypegirl Healing, I have my tried and true paleo banana bread that would be a perfect addition to your breakfast board.

One of my personal favorite paleo food bloggers, that I get a lot of my recipes from is Paleo Running Momma. Check out her paleo cinnamon buns or her paleo pumpkin donuts with maple frosting- yummmm!

Need a good deviled egg recipe? Check out this bacon ranch deviled eggs recipe from What Great Grandma Ate.

Lastly, if you'd like to add some spice to your sauces and condiments, this post has all sorts of condiment recipes that are sure to liven up your breakfast board.


Breakfast is such an important part of your day, and now you'll have a solid reason to slow down and enjoy the most important meal.

If you're feeling bored and uninspired with the foods you're eating, try jazzing them up by creating a board and letting your creativity take the wheel.

Food should be nourishing and delicious, and every once in a while, inspiring and beautiful. Take some time to slow down and enjoy your food with these tips on creating your very own delicious breakfast board.

pancake breakfast board with berries and melons

I hope you found this post inspiring and exciting!

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