What Is Athflow Clothing?

chunky neutral colored sweaters and cozy socks for athflow clothing pin design

When Pinterest published the trending topics for this upcoming year, athflow clothing topped the fashion trends...but this phrase had many of us scratching our heads asking "what is athflow fashion?"

In this blog, I'll be explaining what is athflow clothing, how to wear athflow clothing, and how this trend in fashion just might be the sober aesthetic you didn't know existed and the style you have been wanting to settle into, now that you've returned home to yourself.

So let's dive in!


Athflow is a fashion trend where, according to Pinterest, athleisure meets elegance.

The over-sized outfits that you lounge around at home in (oh hello, loungewear), like flowy pants and baggy sweats, meet casual elegance when paired with statement accessories, like a killer heel or chunky bangle bracelets.

The comforts of your most intimate spaces come alive with athflow clothing, and it SCREAMS flowy and cozy!

This athflow style is all about comfort, comfort, and more COMFORT, as we transition from body-conforming athletic loungewear to cozy and soft plush socks paired with a flowy jumpsuit, that can be perfect for the couch cuddle or the flow yoga class on your Wednesday evening.


I have been wearing what is now called athflow for quite a few years, as I have always been against the mega tight, ultra-suffocating leggings and the skinny jeans era of our time.

I would count down the minutes until I could get home and peel off my restrictive clothing and put on my slouchy socks, oversized sweater, and flowy pants.

Athflow clothing is all about pairing your fave comfy clothing that you lounge around in at home, with their soft fabrics and comfy vibes, with some other pieces in your wardrobe, that make for super fashionable vibes without sacrificing the comfort.

Here are some examples of athflow clothing and the athflow trend:


I wanted to include this topic in this blog post because as you become sober, you become more and more in-tune with your wants, needs, and desires as you return home to your most authentic self.

Part of the sober journey is rediscovering who you really are, before society told you who to be and how to be it.

I began moving away from the skinny jeans (aside from when I'd have to wear them to work at my restaurant job) my first year in sobriety, because I wanted everything in my life to reflect my mood, and being constricted inside tight ass jeans and suffocating leggings were just not my jam anymore.

I quickly realized my sober aesthetic was a pair of baggy pants and a flowy sweater with a tank top underneath, or a loose-fitting jumpsuit with wavy beach hair, chunky glasses, and a killer pair of lace-up pumps.

I would always wear clothes that made me feel UNcomfortable for a multitude of reasons (including just in the name of fashion), but once I got sober, I had ZERO desire to not feel cozy and cute all the damn time, and so, my sober aesthetic was born!

...and I have a feeling a LOT of you will relate to this, whether you're new in your sober journey or you're discovering this as you read this.

Either way, athflow and sobriety aesthetic go HAND IN HAND, and I am absolutely here for this trend in a big way!

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Athflow clothing and the athflow trend is taking over the fashion world, and when quarantine fashion and athleisure married and had a baby, they created athflow, where flowy pants and work from home fashion can co-exist and even make a splash in your aesthetic.

neutral colored hoodie on a model and cozy socks for athflow clothing pin design

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Let the secret out: sweatsuits and baggy clothes are IN FASHION!!

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