Hey Mr. DJ: Music Therapy through Club Quarantine

Updated: May 8, 2020

I have been on a social media break for almost two weeks now, to shut down some of the noise I have been experiencing, from online businesses in particular.

I was experiencing a lot of pressure to "keep up" with my fellow entrepreneurs, only to find that I was forcing content that I was no longer happy or inspired to put out.

During this time away from social media, I have fallen deep into my daydreams and my passions that were laying dormant during this time, with some major help from D-Nice.

A DJ, rapper, and photographer who started back in the 80' decided to use social media to share his love of music by streaming live and spinning 2-3 sets per show. Quickly, D-Nice had given birth to Club Quarantine, that has successfully reached everyone from Michelle Obama, Donnie Wahlberg, Quincy Jones and Halle Berry, to every other person who has been tuning in live to dance the day and night away to each set that is carefully curated to fit "straight vibes".

I have always believed that words are my hardest way of expressing myself, whereas art, music and dance do a much better job most times. After losing my job in restaurants in the middle of March, the job that paid my bills, that gave me a steady source of income, that provided me the security and freedom to live this beautiful life of mine, I poured myself into my business, Hypegirl Healing. I felt like I was having a very hard time expressing what I wanted to create at this time with my business, and I knew what I had been doing (online circles and individual counsel) was not really feeding that passion anymore. I grew increasingly more agitated as I plugged away, just doing doing doing...everything feeling so forced and so...out of alignment.

When I went offline, I kept my IG for the sole purpose of tuning into D-Nice and his Club Quarantine, that was hitting that sweet/sore spot OH so good. Something magical was taking place. Like, really magical. I have been allowing very little noise into my life at this time, and I have completely submerged myself in music:

I wake up in the morning, and turn on my TV to live stream D-Nice's After Dark set that he spins well past my bedtime from the night before. I brew my coffee and sip to the sounds of my teenage years with his 90's sets, that include TLC, Mase, Total, and Aaliyah. I get showered to the smooth sounds of Prince, LL Cool J and Lenny Kravitz, feelin' ultra-sexy as I vibe out to his velvety second set. I let the sunshine pour into my house, and my inspiration floods in as I let my imagination take me to places I haven't been since the world told me what was possible. I see his post alert on my phone that another Club Quarantine is about to go down, so I let my inspiration run wild until its time for another dance sesh with tens of thousands of other people who are healing their souls through D-Nice's talent and vision....to bring this world together through music.

I have never had the chance to surround my day with so much music...good music....healing music....high vibe music....nostalgic music....therapeutic music...feel good music...shake ya ass music....feel ya damn self music...party music...and it is doing things to me on such a deep level, that its really hard to explain all the amazing shit that is happening to me from one man who decided to share his love of music with the world, and how amazingly healing it has been for so many people.

It goes without saying that this man has found TREMENDOUS success from this, and with good reason. Everything that he has worked for is coming to fruition for him right now, and he shares his emotional and very human reaction to all of it during his show, and it is so heartfelt and could not have happened to a better man, truly. And if you haven't checked out CQ, let me tell you how you can get in on this beautiful movement that is healing the world:

Go onto IG and look up D-Nice

Follow him, and stay on top of his posts to see when he will be going live

He started off playing a few days a week, but has quickly risen to the occasion and has been spinning a few times a DAY (lucky us!)

Music has been and will always be a major part of my life and my happiness, and now more than ever I have realized the importance of unplugging from the noise and getting back to the very things that bring us pleasure. In the off-chance that D-Nice ever has the opportunity to read my blog, about how he is hitting that sweet/sore spot better than ANYTHING EVER HAS....thank you. Thank you for pouring your passion and love out so beautifully for all of our benefit. You have used this time to help so many and I'm forever grateful that I was able to be a part of it, each and every day. Thank you for helping me to remember just how healing loud music and dancing around in my home can be, and how one song can whisk me away to a time and place I hadn't been to in years and years and YEARS. Thank you for letting it breathe...just what I needed, along with so many others.

Share with me some of your fave playlists or songs, and give a like if you are feeling me on this music revolution that is happening with D-Nice and CQ!

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