How To Eliminate Clutter

Back in 2015, when I was getting ready to move across the country, I only had two suitcases worth of space for me to pack up all of my belongings. This task was so overwhelming because the twelve years I had spent living in Boston, I had accumulated enough stuff to furnish an entire home, with a good majority of my things being comprised of my deceased grandparent's home furnishings.

So not only did I need to get down to the bare essentials, but I had to also deal with really sentimental stuff that had been in my family for generations....eek!

I ended up selling all of my things, keeping basics like clothing, towels, a bathing suit, a few toiletries, and a bedsheet to have to sleep on...and EVERYTHING else, including my nana's antique dining room table and all of her fine china, went to loving homes for them to create wonderful memories for new generations to come....and once all that "stuff" was gone, I could not BELIEVE how much lighter and freer I felt, and from that day forward, I vowed to never accumulate that much "stuff" ever again.

This one single rule I have implemented since making my move across the country has helped me live a minimalist lifestyle- keeping to the basics in life without over purchasing and filling my life with "stuff" (which is a way people stuff their emotions in order to not feel them....ahhhhhh yes....the goold ol' fashioned technique of carrying the weight that was never ours to carry...the weight of too much STUFF).

Please allow me to introduce the ONE IN ONE OUT rule: every time you purchase something, something must go.

No more shoving clothes into an already stuffed closet. No more cabinet space cluttered with tumblers. No more Target runs with a cart filled with cute stuff...UNLESS you replace the old items that you'll now donate, resell or give away with the new cutie items you want to purchase.

This simple rule of one in one out has been instrumental in helping me look at the items I currently have and assess their importance or their relevance when I want to purchase something...if I want a new mug (because having the perfect mug that fits your mood is EVERYTHING), I must go in my cabinet and evaluate which mug(s) I feel ok parting with, maybe one that doesn't fit my vibe or style anymore and take one out to donate, sell or trash.

As you grow and expand in your life, so will your taste in things that you use in your life. Back in early 2010, I was into nothing but leather and skulls and stilettos. Fast forward to today, and most all my skull items have been replaced with something plant or good vibes only related.

If you are at the beginning of this process, and you are ready to de-clutter, I highly recommend looking up Marie Kondo, who explains a step-by-step method of de-cluttering your home, by each room, and what items to keep and what items to part with. Also, over on Pinterest, I have an entire board dedicated to minimalism, and how to begin and sustain this type of lifestyle.

The best part of de-cluttering is that you can make money, cold hard CASH if you decide to sell your items!

Apps like Poshmark and Offer Up are great places to re-sell your items, as well as Facebook Marketplace (because we have grown since the days of Craigslist, although that is still a great option, too!)

Donating is always a heartwarming option, knowing that your items will go to someone in need, and if it's an item that's lived a full life, trashing it and replacing it with a fresh item is like a therapy session in and of itself!

Once you get down to your basics, and items you feel really good about being in your space/dwelling, then you can begin implementing this simple one in one out rule, to keep you on track with keeping a free and flowy space that isn't stuffed with clutter. Ahhhhh, what a great feeling...FREEDOM FROM CLUTTER!

And there you have it, frands. One very simple rule that can literally transform the way you live your life, and help heal yourself along the! I hope you find this tip helpful and I would love for you to share this blog post on your Pinterest boards, by clicking the image right here!

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