Just Quit

How many of us are in careers or jobs that we don't like? We wake up each morning with dread, wishing the day away so we can be done with work, only to numb out the rest of the day from the very thing(s) that cause us such discomfort and misery?

I've been there. I've been there and stayed in that space way too long. I've made my health suffer, mentally and physically, all because I "needed" that job; a job that caused me so much stress, discomfort, lack in my own self-worth, and a belief that I couldn't leave for financial reasons.

I'm here to tell you today, JUST QUIT!

Back in 2010, I was working for a new restaurant that was the it-spot in my little neighborhood. Ideas blossomed into reality very quickly, and soon we were running a full-time operation for dinner and weekend brunch, plus in-house events, plus off-site catering, PLUS our specialty, whole pig roasts...and all being run by a team of 1 1/2. I was the full-time manager of all of the things, while the other manager and owner became engulfed in a new restaurant venture .

I quickly began drowning in the never-ending sea of work in every single department, with not much help in sight from the other manager and owner. Long story short, the owner became infuriated with me and began making my life a living hell, with emails coming in at all hours of the day and night, with no regard for my personal life, the little that was left after a draining 10-12 hour day each shift.

My health began taking a toll, with sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and the kicker that was the beginning of the end for me and this job, blood in my urine when I would go to the bathroom.

I desperately wanted to just up and leave, but I needed this job- it was my single source of solid income, it was a well-known restaurant in the industry, with some clout for my resume, and I couldn't find another job in time to pay my bills, as I was living just about paycheck to paycheck.

Well, long story short- I ended up walking out on a Friday, just before the doors opened for business on a stacked weekend ahead. My mind couldn't respond to one more nasty email. My soul couldn't stand another insult about my work ethic. My body couldn't handle the incredible amount of stress I had put it under...and so, I put my keys to the restaurant on my desk, and opened the back door, while the staff and Chef were preparing for me to come upstairs and get us all in line before we opened, and I walked my ass out that restaurant and NEVER looked back.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I had no plan, no income saved, and no idea what was going to happen next...but I *did* know that I could not be in that environment for one more moment longer. I knew that it would all work out in my favor because I figured out, from that moment on, that life wasn't about the titles, the career or the beautiful resume; it was about being happy at the end of the day, with the work you choose to pursue and the happiness you can bring to others along the way.

This is where my wellness journey really took off, as I proceeded to land a job in an acupuncturist's office, as a business manager. I decided to take some time away from restaurants and follow my heart that was really interested in all-natural healing. Everything worked out far better than anything my logical brain could fathom or imagine, when I would think about how badly I wanted to quit, but felt like I couldn't.

So here is the deal, and the juicy nectar of this post: our brains try to logically plan out every thing, without ever leaving some room for the magic in life. I have come to realize that I don't have all the answers, and my brain is not that capable of knowing how every last thing will end up in my life.The unknown can be incredibly scary, but it is BY FAR the quickest and fastest way to getting closer to your dreams.

I understand fully just how scary the thought of up and leaving a job can be , when you have no other job lined up, are financially dependent on your job, or any other factors that feel like you have no other option but to stay until you "figure it out". But if you're dreading your job, and your life and livelihood are being negatively affected by something you spend so much of your life doing....friend, just quit, and know that miracles DO happen, if you just leave a little room for the magic. Life is WAY too short to be working for people, places and things that do not bring you happiness and joy. PERIOD.

My hope is that anyone reading this post, who is feeling stuck and hopeless and physically and/or mentally ill from a job, will know that you have the power to make choices that enable you to live a happy and fulfilling life. I am by no means any different than you- I just choose to step into the unknown a lot more often than most people, knowing with full faith that when I choose myself and my happiness, the Universe responds to that, always has and always will.

The road to wellness is not always easy, and as we say in the herbalist world: there is only the hard way.

No one is coming to save you from the job you hate, as much as we would LOVE that!

If you're subconsciously waiting for someone to give you permission to quit- THIS IS YOUR SIGN and HERE IS YOUR GREEN LIGHT! (to read more about giving yourself permission to do the very things you want in your life, click here.)

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