Legs Up The Wall Pose

A part of any basic wellness practice is movement, whether that be cycling, yoga, running, lifting weights, stretching, or walking, and it's essential for the body-mind-spirit to stay vibrant and healthy by moving and flowing throughout the day.

As females, sometimes our bodies are calling for a gentler movement practice, and for good reason- our bodies cycle through different phases each month, and each cycle calls for more or less intense activities in our daily lives (to read more about optimizing your health through your cycle, click here).

I know for me, when I am starting my period, I have zero desire to have a strenuous workout, and prefer lighter, more flowing movements, or an easy rest day or two. In today's blog post, I will be sharing this one pose that is great for when you start your cycle, and the other amazing benefits of this low impact move that your body will love.

Legs up the wall.

Sounds super simple, and that's because it is!

You will start by finding a place that you can lie down on your backside, and wiggle your way to the wall, as close as you can.

Place a folded blanket or small pillow just under under your hips (you may also want one for your head to rest on).

Extend your legs up the wall.

If putting your legs straight up is too hard or uncomfortable, give your knees a slight bend until you are comfortable, or move a little further away from the wall.

Open your chest and upper back by extending your arms out to either side, gently breathing and opening up your heart center.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and all the energy flowing effortlessly all around you and through you.

Lie in this position for 10-20 minutes (or however long your body feels like it needs to be), and experience the magic and improvement in your body, including:

  • a calmer, more relaxed state of mind and of being

  • a terrific stretch along the hamstrings & lower back (which is ALWAYS tight for me)

  • relief to swollen feet/ankles/legs from fluid build-up

  • draining of excess fluid and re-circulating lymphatic fluid & blood flow (thanks gravity!)

  • reducing headaches and migraines

  • alleviating tension in the lower back

  • taking pressure off the pelvic floor and eliminating stagnation

  • reducing menstrual cramps and bloating (some teachings advise against this pose at this time, so see what your body likes and act accordingly)

  • readies the mind for a restful night's sleep (helloooo sweet dreams!)

In addition to these amazing benefits that can be felt almost immediately, there have been studies that show this restorative yoga pose, known as viparita karani (meaning inverted in action), can also be extremely helpful with:

  • vericose veins

  • urinary disorders

  • digestive upset

  • high blood pressure

  • arthritis

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor and I am speaking purely on my own personal experience and journey towards healing naturally with all-natural wellness practices. If you have any questions about your body or this movement, or have any concerns whatsoever, please make sure you consult with a doctor before trying homeopathic remedies mentioned here or in any of my other blogs.

Doesn't this movement sound super soothing? Who's ready to give it a whirl and add it into your movement practice? Be sure to share your experience, or snap a pic, either here or over on my social medias, and let me know what your thoughts are on this! Here's to allowing flowy movement when our bodies need it the most!

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