Mother Nature’s Cure

I went so many years without it. I lived in the concrete jungle, living the night life without ever knowing just how vital it was in my well-being. Today, it is essential to my health, physically, mentally and spiritually. This has been the cure-all for so many things, from overwhelming anxiety to lacking direction when I didn’t know what to do.

Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia...whatever you’d like to refer to Her as, is a healing sanctuary for all humans, should we tap into Her healing magic.

Before moving to Southern California, I can recall the only time each year that I was surrounded by nature, and it was the third week in August when my sister and her husband would go to their cabin in New Hampshire, up in the mountains, complete with a babbling brook running through the backyard.

I would go up there for a few days, and it was my most favorite few days of the entire year. Yet, I continued to live the city life, despite being completely numbed out from the constant stimulation that a big city like Boston lended.

My sister and bro-in-law gave me the room that faced the little stream, which after a day of hiking, exploring, sunshine, fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery (complete with black bears and moose!), was like a lullaby that swiftly put me right into a deep, beautiful sleep each night I was there.

Fast forward to today, where my golden rule is to simply do what makes you happy, I have now eliminated the noise of a big city and have my very own tiny home, nestled in the rolling hills of California. Trail heads that lead deep into nature are literally in my backyard. A 15-minute drive brings me right to the coast, where the salty air fills my lungs, clearing away any stagnant energy that might linger from unprocessed emotions.

If you’re reading this and thinking you wish you had nature close by, to utilize this key healing element, know you don’t have to go far in order to experience the magic of nature. Sit by a tree and allow its branches to caress you with soft, warm breezes. Find any sort of body of water, and listen to its movement and watch it flow with ease. Take your shoes off and feel the Earth beneath your feet, connecting yourself to Her and grounding yourself in the very soil that sprouts so much life in this world.

There is so much goodness that I’ll be writing about in this category and I look forward to sharing much more with you. So take a part of your day and spend some time with Mother Nature. I just did today, to move some anxious energy that was stuck and as I sit here next the ocean, with the salt water and sun kissing my skin, that anxiety is diminished and I feel whole again.

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