The Fall Season Mindset

We are cyclical beings, who are meant to change and evolve just like many other things in this world.

There is so much wisdom around us, that we if we slow down our busy and wild day to day schedules, we can tap into that knowledge that will help us reach great levels of ease and flow in our lives.

I'd like to share one aspect of wisdom we can find with Mother Nature, and the changing of the seasons. Each season can lend us tremendous knowledge about the direction of our lives, and in this blog post, I'm sharing the inspiration we can find as we enter into the autumn months.

When you think of the fall season, what do you see?

What do you feel?

What is happening around you?

When I think of fall, I see changing leaves, cooler temps, shorter daylight and longer periods of dark.

I feel a more crisp chill in the air. I'm reaching for the warmer clothing and imagining more fires during the cooler temps. I'm ready for heartier meals, more stick to your bones comfort foods, and more down time under blankets as the high energy summer months fade into the darkness.

Fall is a time when things start to fade away and slow down. The intense heat from the summer fades into cooler conditions. The long days filled with sunshine begin to fade away as the dark moves in. The green hues in the leaves fade into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. The fullness in nature starts fading away, dropping away, as nature prepares to shed all of its blossoms. Nature is preparing to hibernate and rest, and sheds anything that won't help them when Father Winter comes barreling in (a time of of forced rest).

If we take the queues from Mother Nature, we, too, are entering a time when we must shed the old, in preparation for a time of hibernation, a time of turning inward, a time of immense rest in order to replenish and nourish, and a time of letting go of the things we no longer need.

How beautiful that we are given an ENTIRE SEASON to do just that?!

Every year, I let out a BIG exhale when the fall arrives, because I know the pace of nature reminds us that we must SLOW DOWN. I am excited for the shorter days because I will be getting more sleep. I am happy that crock pot stews and soups will be on the menu for extra warmth as the cooler temps roll in.

I'm excited to have a slower pace of life that will allow me to shed the old to make way for the new.

We're not designed to go hard all day, every day, and I know some of you reading this might think "well, my life never slows down, and there's NEVER any time to stop and let go of things!"

If we look at shorter cycles, like the moon cycle, that happens throughout the month, there is a time of letting go and a time of calling in. If you are a woman, our menstrual cycle helps us to understand a bit better each month WHEN those times to go hard and those times to go easy are. To learn about how to tap into your menstrual cycle for optimal health as a woman, read my blog here.

So on a bigger scale, Mother Nature allows us several months to be in this cycle, of letting go and shedding the old. Shedding the excess weight of things we no longer need to carry. Releasing the old things that once protected us that are no longer necessary. Can you see how the trees do just that with their leaves every fall? Follow nature's lead and use this fall season to do just that.

If you need some inspiration, or if this is a new concept for you, let me give you an example of how this can work in your life. If you are a parent, and remote learning was something you were forced to adapt to, I'm sure it came with its share of challenges. Maybe as the school year progresses, things aren't working the way you had anticipated, and you're feeling like a failure. Maybe you're exhausting all your efforts trying to keep up with all the other moms and kids who seem to have ZERO issues with getting their work done, showing up on time, and having a seemingly effortless time adjusting to online learning.

What if you shed the idea that you "have to" keep up with other moms/families, and allow yourself and your child/children the time and space that's needed to LEARN this new way of life, because we ALL learn differently and at different rates? What if you shed the idea you're failing, since that is an awful feeling, and instead see it as you are growing into a technological WIZARD, and give yourself and your child/children some extra time to understand some of the things that are not so easy for you?

Shed the weight of having to have it ALL figured out. Shed the burden that you're failing. Shed the idea that it's to be perfect. Rest each night knowing you did your best and learned new skills in the virtual world! Nourish your mind by saying "we did it! We learned how to cope with not being able to get online right away, and improved our time to fix the problem by five minutes!"

See how this shift can significantly improve the grind, the go, go go mentality, allowing you to grow while slowing down and shedding old thoughts, patterns, and habits?

Life is hard. Life gets very exhausting. Start embracing what the fall season displays by shedding the old ways, winding down the day as the dark creeps in, and nourish your mind, body, and spirit with positive thoughts to encourage a new way of thinking. Enjoy the slower pace, friends, and wishing you a season full of releasing and letting go.

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