Natural Remedies for Sinus Congestion

I think it's fair to say when you're feeling sick, nobody enjoys a stuffy nose. It's the worst when you have sinus congestion and a stuffed up nose in addition to feeling lousy with next to no energy.

OTC nose sprays seem to be the only answer when it comes to finding nasal congestion relief, but most include addictive ingredients that your nasal cavity becomes reliant on in order to stay unblocked. I know folks who have used nasal decongestant sprays, that ended up becoming an addiction, because without it, they couldn't breathe and were right back to square one with an annoying stuffy nose.

So what other remedies can we use when it comes to nasal congestion, sinus stuffiness and blocked sinuses? Are there any natural ways to clear and relieve nasal congestion without using an OTC spray?

In today's blog post, I'm sharing three beautiful herbal remedies that work FAST and act QUICK when it comes to finding relief with your stuffy nose, and these home remedies will soon become your go-to effective and natural remedy! So let's dive in and get you some relief!


This is an herbal remedy used for healing many conditions, and is a PERFECT remedy for that stuffy nose. To start, fire cider is a superfood health tonic that includes different ingredients to support and invigorate your entire system. The base of this tonic is apple cider vinegar, which is super healing in and of itself, and there are many variations of fire cider with different ingredients for different healing properties. For this recipe, you will need:

  • garlic

  • onion

  • cayenne

  • horseradish

  • turmeric

  • ginger

  • honey (optional)

  • apple cider vinegar

Place equal parts of each ingredient in a mason jar, and cover with apple cider vinegar. The honey makes it a bit sweet, for those of you who need a dash of sugar with their medicine. You'll want to let this marinate for a few hours before drinking, and when it's ready, drink 1 oz. every 3-4 hours or as needed.

Recommended ingestion: take it as a shot. Down the hatch!


If you decide to make the fire cider, you'll already have this on hand, but eating some horseradish will literally clear up your sinus congestion in minutes! Now, I fully understand that eating straight horseradish is unappealing, although if you are able to do it, go for it! For everyone else, here's a few ways to infuse some horseradish into your food to help relieve your nasal congestion:

  • add a healthy dose to your mashed potatoes

  • spice up your cocktail sauce with an extra serving

  • make a delicious horseradish sauce for your steak or to dip veggies in

  • kick up your vinaigrette a notch with a solid dose of horseradish

Remember, food is medicine, so medicine can be super tasty AND healing at the very same time!


This is a remedy I use when my allergies flare up, and this has always brought me immediate relief with clearing up my nasal congestion naturally and effectively.

With this remedy, you'll need a pot of simmering water that will be close enough for you to lean your head over. Once the water is at a slow simmer (where the bubbles in the water still appear, usually on a medium-medium low setting), you'll add in your herbs and place a towel over your head, creating a steam tent, with all the essential oils going straight to your face and nasal cavity.



This works a few ways, as the steam is being inhaled through your nose that carry the healing oils from the herbs, while your pores become open from the steam and heat, allowing the oils to go directly into your sinuses for immediate relief.

The best fresh plants to use for this herbal steam are:

  • thyme

  • oregano

  • onion

  • mint

  • eucalyptus

This remedy also works wonders with essential oils. A few drops go a long way, so start with three drops and see how it feels. The best essential oils to use for this are:

  • peppermint

  • eucalyptus

  • orange/ orange peel

One more natural remedy I wanted to share, that doesn't actually help relieve the stuffy nose itself, but helps alleviate the chapped nose from all the blowing, is lanolin. This can be applied to your nose for instant relief and works just like a lotion, minus all the chemicals and toxic stuff we try to stay away from.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor and I am speaking purely on my own personal experience and journey towards healing naturally with all-natural wellness practices. If you have severe symptoms, please make sure you consult with a doctor before trying homeopathic remedies mentioned here or in any of my other blogs.

There you have it, three natural and effective home remedies that will help find you fast and quick relief with your nasal congestion and stuffy nose! For an amazing natural remedy for when you're down and out and just feeling bleh, check out my blog post here, an all-natural remedy for the cold and flu season!

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