Three Ways to Harbor the Moon's Energy

If you're like me, I never paid attention to the moon and the different cycles it goes through each month. Moreover, I *never* realized just how connected I was to the moon phases and how to utilize the different cycles for a more aligned life.

Once I began following a few astrologers on social media and learning about the moon and its power on our lives, it quickly became another tool for my wellness journey. Astrology is an area I'm growing more and more interested in, and as I tap into the powerful energies of the moon and experience it for myself, the more I want to share with all of YOU!

Today, I'll be sharing three easy ways to harness the energy of the moon, that can be done by anyone. You do NOT need to be knowledgeable in astrology and you do NOT need to learn a slew of information in order to benefit from the moon's energy. As I've said before, natural medicine is readily available to each and every one of us, should we decide to tap into the limitless power to heal ourselves.


When we write things down, or when we speak things into existence with our words, it makes things become real. While there are many phases and cycles of the moon, for this tip, I'll stick to the two main moon phases that most are familiar with: the full moon and the new moon. Full moons typically represent a time of letting go, of shedding the past, of releasing old ways, old patterns, old thoughts and old habits that no longer serve us. New moons typically represent a time of calling in the new, stepping into unknowns, and fresh starts. On each new and full moon, that happens every month, journaling your intentions with each phase is a super powerful way to manifest all that you desire. It's a perfect time to sip some tea, reflect on what's working and what's not, releasing the old and welcoming in the new. Writing down your thoughts and intentions will ripple out your desires to the Universe and amplify the forward motion of your intentions. (Tip: when journaling, it's really helpful to visualize what you want for your life. To read more about this wellness practice, its benefits, and how you can incorporate it into your moon journaling, click here).


I am an avid student of meditation, and when it comes to the new and full moons, I can almost always be found on my meditation mat, silencing my mind and allowing my Guides to direct and guide me as needed. When you use the cycles of the moon, to stop, pause, turn inward and listen, you'd be amazed at the wisdom that is readily available when we give ourselves that time and space to just BE. I am always more energetically stimulated by the full moon, and my meditations are absolutely extraordinary during this powerful time each month! It's a little hard to explain, but when you sit and meditate on the new and full moons, you are allowing yourself time to quiet the mind and sit in the energy of the moon, letting whatever wants or needs to be expressed come through. I've gotten more clarity through moon meditations than I normally do, so I use this practice as a way to harness that beautiful moon energy.


While the first two suggestions on this list are most likely things you're familiar with, this last point might be a bit more foreign to you. Rest easy,'s just as simple as the others and quite possibly the most potent way to reign in that moon energy! Just like you go sunbathing to expose your skin to the yummy benefits of sunshine, moon bathing is the same concept. Take some time in your evening and take a stroll under the moon and stars, exposing yourself to the actual moon itself. Especially when it's a full moon, getting yourself in front of the moonbeams is a MAJOR way to hone in on that healing energy. Just as the tides are directed by the moon cycles, so are we as humans. Giving ourselves a direct connection to that power source will only help integrate the very things we want in our lives...and here's a tip: meditation comes in many forms, so a walking meditation is totally doable while you're moon bathing!

Clear your mind, get outside under the moon and stars, whether you're lying comfortably somewhere or you're taking a leisurely stroll, and soak in those moonbeams for next-level healing!

So, there you have it, a few of the ways I like to harbor the energy of the moon. One tip I wanted to mention is how to track the different cycles of the moon. Some daily planners will have the different moon cycles listed on their respective days. Another way is to download an app to your phone that will tell you when the different cycles are happening. The app I use is called Moon Plus, which details when each moon cycle is happening, with pictures of the moon for each cycle its in. Lastly, you can follow different astrologers on social media, who will give you in-depth information for not only the moon cycles, but the planets and the cosmos, and how they all intertwine together. A few of my favorite accounts are @spiritdaughter and @soulshineastrology on Instagram, and to check out all sorts of amazing tools to begin working with the moon and its cycles, visit

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