The Power of Visualization

What's something you dream about, whether its a goal you hope to achieve or the life you ultimately want?

How vividly can you see it in your mind's eye?

How clearly can you explain it to someone, if someone were to ask you about it?

Back when I first began online dating, I remember a guy asking me what I liked to do for fun, and if I ever used those avenues to meet someone. He was curious as to why I was single and was very inquisitive into my habits and dating patterns. I remember blankly staring out the windshield of my parked car, thinking I liked to go to restaurants, and couldn't answer much deeper into my likes and habits beyond that. He was perplexed by my answer, too, and kept asking me "but what ELSE do you like to do?"

Truth was, I was living in the city, enjoying the social drinking lifestyle at every restaurant and bar around town, thinking and believing that was my way of having fun. And it was, for a long while, until a few more years passed since being asked that question and realizing I was just existing in my life.

I had my fun job in restaurants that I liked.

I had my friends and family around me, that were all living their lives with their spouses and growing families.

I had a cute home that I rented with some cool roommates...but what made me happy, what made my heart race, what made me excited to jump out of bed every morning?

I had no idea.

I decided to up and move clear across the country, because I knew two things with 100% certainty:

-I hated the winters, especially living in the city

-I needed more sunshine in my life

So a move to Southern California quickly happened, to jumpstart my soul and passion for life, and from here, the power of visualization became a go-to tool to getting where I wanted to be.

I got to a point in my life, about a year before moving, where I wanted to work days and kiss the restaurant night life goodbye. The company I was with was trying to help me, but it's almost unheard of to have a thriving restaurant job that included daytime hours. But the truth was, I could see it. I could see my life taking the shape of working during the day, and having evenings to myself, something I had never experienced before 2015. I could taste it, this life I imagined, yet I couldn't achieve this goal.

Once I moved, there it was: a cutie breakfast spot that was creative, fun and a block up from the apartment I moved into. One of the many perks about moving here was that this population LOVED their breakfast, and so, I was able to land a job, working days, and making a great living off of it!

Once I got my feet wet and began exploring this new place I called home, I became obsessed with a coastal town in the northern part of the county. It was magical, and the energy of this place was the spiritual hub I had unknowingly been searching for. Of course, this was one of the wealthiest parts of Southern California, but I couldn't deny the pull: I had to live there.

Everything from the early morning risers who flooded the streets and beaches before 8 AM, to the picturesque coffee shops and health-conscious eateries and juiceries, this place was home. I knew it, I felt it, and I could literally see myself being a part of this community...but how in the hell was THAT going to happen?

Two ways I can recommend living the life you want and making your dreams a reality, as it pertains to visualization:

-vision/ mood boards

-immersion into the reality

I think vision boards might be the more common approach, but the idea behind a vision board is to make your thoughts and your dreams come to life with real pictures, and hang it in a prominent place in your home, so you can see it every single day. Once you are able to see the things you dream about, you are subconsciously sending signals to the brain that it is already so, that it already exists. You can begin living that reality because you see it, you've created it, and so it is.

The second visualization tip is how I ended up living in this magical community that I now call home: immersion into the reality. Successful people and wealthy people will give similar advice, which is to surround yourself with the reality you want to create. You will not get different results by staying in the same environment, and, in fact, that's the definition of insanity.

You need to put yourself in the reality you want, and so I did just that.

Every single Sunday, I would drive the 45 minutes from where I was living to this town, and I would spend the day there. I got to know the beaches. I became a member at a spiritual center, attending their service every Sunday morning. I began finding my coffee shops. I went to their farmer's markets. I supported and attended local community events, like street fairs and holiday parades. I began immersing myself in the very place I wanted to be, knowing it would all come together and would work out, as long as I could visualize this life as my reality.

After a year of going there each Sunday, I found a place that was seven minutes away, and in a part of town that was desired by many. I've been living here in this part of town for almost two years now, and now I've upped my ante. I want to live RIGHT by the coast, in a very specific part of town, that is in the pulse of it all. I've learned the in's and out's of this town, and I know the more specific my visualization is for what I want, the better the Universe can unite with me to make it my reality.

Again, we are talking BIG bucks to live right in the heart of cliffside coastal Northern San Diego, but I'm following what I preach, and have immersed myself here. I drive to this part of town and take my morning walks along the beach, looking at the homes and seeing what I like and what I don't like.

Mansions are not something I know anything about, nor is it a reality I thought I would ever chase after, but here we are. I see what architecture I like, what side of the street I like, what colors I like, the landscape of the yard, the amenities, the size of the driveway...I look at all the homes and my mind goes wild, thinking, knowing, that at some point, hopefully soon, this will be my reality....and all because I would immerse myself and visualize myself living here, in this part of town I can only dream about at the moment.

Mel Robbins perfectly explains this concept, with some scientific facts to back-up this point.

Give it a listen and start visualizing the goals and the life that you are so deserving of...and stay tuned as I visualize my reality as explained above, and when that will actually come to life.

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