Top 3 Wellness Picks

Ok friends! This month, I wanted to share a few of my most favorite businesses that are giving people straight FACTS when it comes to their mission statements and what their company stands for, helping consumers make informed decisions about products and services that can be incorporated into their wellness lifestyle.

I am lucky enough to live within close proximity to these amazing businesses, and for any locals who may not know about these gems, you're welcome :)

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for brands and businesses that are making major waves in the wellness world, helping to alleviate the many hours of research one may spend seeing if a product aligns with their practices and, if you are a brand or know of one that should make the monthly list here at Hypegirl Healing, please reach out and share share SHARE!

So, let's get into this month's wellness picks, BUSINESS EDITION!


I have so many wonderful things to say about this company! I discovered Shop/Good on Instagram and saw that they were hosting an event that included a few local wellness businesses. I was initially drawn to the event because as a sober gal, I like attending events that expose me to my community that aren't centered around booze. I didn't know much about Shop/Good at the time, but the event was so fun, and I quickly realized what Shop/Good was all about:

  • clean beauty

  • wellness events

  • wellness/holistic spa

The event kicked off with the owner of Shop/Good, Leah Kirpalani, explaining how Shop/Good came to be. She became sick and took her health into her own hands, researching nontoxic and clean products for her body that would help heal and not harm her on her road to wellness.

She personally vets each and every brand in her store, ensuring each product meets strict guidelines of natural, clean beauty standards:


Every ingredient on our shelves is carefully vetted by Leah, our founder and Certified Holistic Health Coach, along with our team of Health Coaches, Holistic Estheticians and Product Experts. We review each ingredient, (utilizing sources like EWG’s Skin Deep Database) to ensure it’s healing for our bodies, and not harmful. Additionally, our products will never ever include ingredients on our worst offenders list. (pulled from Shop/Good website)

As a consumer, I feel such a sense of relief knowing someone cares as much as I do when it comes to the products I put on my body, and to have a place to shop that has already done the research, makes this a NO BRAINER to add to your wellness list of top picks!

To learn more about Shop/Good and to start shopping all the amazing nontoxic brands, click here.

Four Moons Spa:

Once again, Instagram for the win! I stumbled across a post that had something to do with an event that caught my eye: a Mystic Circle. Being a very spiritual being and always on the hunt for cool, non-boozey events, this event jumped out at me! Again, I had no idea what Four Moons was all about, but was excited to see the space that this event was being held. The event was absolutely AMAZING, and one that I now attend frequently. I met some truly incredible women from attending this event...but just as important, I have found a healing sanctuary for all of my wellness needs, wants and desires.

Described as a modern space for wellness, this beautifully magical oasis has lots of offerings:

  • spa

  • soul & energy healing experiences

  • yoga

  • boutique

  • events

  • a team of healers and practitioners for personalized care

I have enjoyed everything from sound baths, women's circles, and business meet-ups, to acupuncture and breathwork. If you live in the San Diego area, this is a MUST to add to your list of resources for your wellness journey. To discover all that Four Moons Spa has to offer, click here.

Nectarine Grove:

If you've been following along my wellness journey, you know that I practice a paleo eating lifestyle. It's such a great day when I go food shopping and discover new brands in the market that are creating food products that do the research for consumers. What's even MORE exciting, especially for this food and beverage gal, is when there are restaurants that follow paleo practices, giving the consumer an entire MENU of options that fall in line with their eating habits!

"Nothing to Hide". That's Nectarine Grove's tagline. AMAZING!

Their menu boasts impressive bullet points that check off every single thing I look for when I order out:

  • organic

  • 100% gluten-free

  • in-house bakery for all their treats and breads

  • locally sourced ingredients

  • no refined sugars (hallelujah!!)

  • no corn

  • no soy

  • no processed ingredients

While Nectarine Grove does not state that they are a paleo-friendly restaurant, it is safe to say that the menu is 99% compliant with a paleo lifestyle, and that's coming straight from my lips. It is my most favorite place to go because anything that I order is made with ingredients I want to put in my body. I don't need to modify my burger with no bun because their buns are made from scratch with ZERO gluten!

I can rest easy knowing I'm fueling my body with the quality ingredients I would use myself, and I can treat myself with anything my little heart desires...and for that reason, Nectarine Grove makes the top of my wellness list over and over and over again! To view their website and menu, click here.

So friends, there you have it!

The top three wellness picks that are my go-to's when it comes to businesses that are helping me so much along my wellness journey!

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