5 Reasons To Quit Drinking

Real talk: you can quit drinking because you’re sick and tired of being broke, lazy, and bloated. You can quit drinking because you’re tired of the Pinot Noir Kool-Aid smile that gets tattooed on your lips every time you have a few glasses (or the bottle).

You can quit drinking because you’re curious about what changes could take place if you gave up the jungle juice for 30-60-90 days.

You can quit drinking because you have HAD IT with the damn zombie hangovers! You can quit drinking because you feel like you need a break, to hit that re-set button, or to just NOT drink every night.

You can quit drinking for ANY REASON that your cute lil’ ass desires.

It’s nobody’s business but your own as to your WHY, and it doesn’t have to involve or relate to addiction or

being an alcoholic...and even if it does, it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

I think a lot of us get concerned with “what will I tell my friends” or “what will they think” when it comes to quitting, but from someone who is over three years booze-free, do NOT let that deter you from your goals and wishes to stop drinking and begin a life for a better, healthier YOU!

They’ll question it, sure...but soon, you’ll be inspiring them to do the same!

You can want to quit drinking at any moment for any reason and know that you're supported fully here at Hypegirl Healing. Check out my other sobriety blogs here about ways to stay on-track with your sober goals...and for an extra boost in support, The Sober Handbook gently guides you to uncover your relationship to alcohol, so you can get to the root of your habit and stop drinking for good!

To get all the details on this digital download that is available to you RIGHT NOW, click here.

Go ahead, girl. Give this a like if you’re feelin’ like you want to quit, for ANY reason at all. I support you. I see you. I AM you.

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