Adaptogenic Margaritas, Anyone?

Updated: May 5, 2020

When it comes to the month of May, the warmer weather is right around the corner, and things start to heat up with the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. And nothing cools off a hot sizzler of a day like a cold margarita! But when you add tequila and few too many of those tasty treats, a raging hangover and usually a shitload of excess calories causes that day of fun in the sun to spiral downward pretty fast.

Thanks to an increase in non-alcoholic beverages from genius creators who want more from this trending wellness practice, the days of Welch's sparkling cider being your only (boring) option are over! So let me talk to you about a product that I tried and fell in LOVE with, that is an all-natural, clean product you can not only enjoy because of its delicious mix of ingredients, but one you can also feel good about drinking because of its healing properties, too!

Proposition Co. is hitting the sober-curious market by storm with their two tasty libations that do not skimp on flavor, appearance and quality ingredients.

I was introduced to this beauty of a company from Jessica over at A Sober Girl's Guide, who is a wonderful source of all things sobriety.

She was hosting an event for her soberversary, and I happened to win a drawing she hosted that day...and my prize my was the mixed variety pack of Proposition Co.'s non-alcoholic adaptogenic cocktails.

I must admit, being over three years sober, I never dabbled in the non-alcoholic beverage market, as I was content with my bubbly water and the hydration it gave me that I so desperately needed from YEARS of not drinking hardly any water at all. I am also very conscious of the products I consume that use added sugars in their recipes. When I gave up alcohol, I quickly realized just how many empty calories I was consuming on a regular basis, including all that unnecessary sugar from wine and cocktails. I didn't "need" to have a non-alcoholic version of anything after I quit, and couldn't rationalize drinking empty calories for the sake of a fancy drink.

Propostion Co. has changed my mind with one single sip of their Smokey Margarita blend, that includes whole, clean ingredients, with a dose of adaptogens, a category of plant medicine that normalize and restore body functions and increase the body's nonspecific resistance to stress. This is how their website describes this tasty mocktail:

Zeroproof (*NON-ALCOHOLIC*) cocktails powered by feel good plants.

Better-for-you alternatives made using ethically & organically-sourced lime, agave, smoked chili, sea salt, & an all-natural adaptogenic hemp extract (15 MG).

Only 26 Calories

I mean, SIGN ME UP!

I got a little too excited for this, and busted out my cocktail shaker that I hadn't used in literally years, loaded it with ice, gave it a solid shake, and strained into my martini glass.

The gorgeous bright orange color of this margarita sparkled with its ice shards on top, and had an enticing froth on top, just eagerly awaiting my lips.

And the combo of heat and spice, followed by the ice cold temperature of the drink made this a HUGE hit that I now enjoy during my quarantine happy hours with the gals.

I'm sober, not boring. In fact, sobriety is anything BUT boring, and has been the main component in my wellness journey. Giving up drinking has given me everything I ever wanted that I could never attain because of hangovers and a lack of motivation from getting my buzz on all the damn time.

Enjoying a tasty, healthy, good-for-you beverage, in a fun martini glass feels oh so right, and my many thanks to Propostion Co. for allowing the sober-curious community to enjoy trendy adult libations without the crazy calories and without the hangxiety of traditional booze.

To learn more about Proposition and their amazing beverages, click here.

And if you are looking to enjoy this upcoming Cindo de Mayo without the hangover and with your dignity in tact, take a page from Proposition Co. and "fuck all that fake shit" and "stop drinking poison!" (couldn't have said it better myself, friends!)

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