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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There are certain things that I look forward to each season, that expire quickly as the year ticks along. In the summer months, I wait all year long for the ripest strawberries to be picked and sold at the local farmer's market. In the fall, I become giddy with excitement as I anticipate the flavors known as PUMPKIN SPICE that I will enjoy all season long!

In this blog, I want to break down what this famous spice blend consists of and how magical they are for healing the body. I'll also share some amazing ways to incorporate this spice blend into your cooking and creations in the kitchen, that can liven up some old recipes and give you a seasonal flare that will inspire new favorites to look forward to all year long.

So, for starters, let's breakdown what the actual spices are that are in this famous seasonal blend:






-orange peel (optional)

All of these spices are so complimentary for the fall and autumn season, as they are all classified as warming plants. So as the season brings along cooler temps, this blend of spices works beautifully to help warm things up in the body. Also, these specific plants all have amazing health benefits, and can be incorporated medicinally through your day-to-day cooking and drinking. Here are some of the amazing healing benefits these plants boast:

CINNAMON: anti-inflammatory; anticatarrhal (eliminates or counteracts the formation of mucus); lowers blood sugar and helps support a healthy metabolism.

GINGER: great for digestive issues; circulatory stimulant; antispasmodic properties to help alleviate muscle aches and menstrual cramping.

NUTMEG: natural pain reliever; digestive aid; improved blood circulation; detoxifer for the body's waste.

CLOVES: powerhouse antioxidant; promotes healthy bones; can help with diminishing stomach ulcers; kills bacteria.

CARDAMOM: natural anti-inflammatory; alleviates lower digestive issues; contains cancer-fighting properties; an alternative to natural oral health.

ORANGE PEEL: immunity booster; supports oral health; anti-inflammatory; aids in a healthy digestive tract.

Now that we can see just how healing and medicinal these spices are, it's time to think outside the box and incorporate this awesome and healing spice blend into our daily lives, that doesn't include the synthetic version made from artificial knock-off ingredients (ahem, PSL syrups...sorry, gang).

Here are some creative ideas you can put into your cooking and kitchen creations, that will definitely spice up your old recipes and give you a full flavor experience that screams fall season is HERE!

Use this pumpkin spice blend in the following ways:

-sprinkle PS (pumpkin spice) into your coffee grounds before brewing, to give your morning some added nourishment or add to your favorite loose leaf tea.

-give yourself a clean eating treat by cutting up some apples and tossing PS with a touch of orange and lemon juice, coating the apples and baking it in the oven for a warm sweet dessert.

-add PS into your homemade breads for a spin on your classics. Check out my banana bread recipe and sub out the cinnamon for PS.

-warm up on those chilly nights with a comfort food classic that has a new kick, by making PS alfredo sauce....and keep it paleo and clean with coconut milk for the base. Add in some fresh sage to finish the dish and OMG, your family and friends will think you're gourmet gold!

-freshen up that chili recipe and turn it into a seasonal favorite that everyone will look forward to once the fall season arrives. Keep your chili recipe as is, but put in a healthy dose of your PS and watch this old classic have an amazing glow up!

-make a frozen treat that whips up super easy AND is clean eating approved. Combine coconut milk with frozen bananas for a spin on ice cream, and add in a healthy dose of PS to the mixture before you freeze and you'll have yourself a pumpkin spice delight!

Who's ready to get in the kitchen and start creating? Go and enjoy the flavors of the fall season, knowing that the spices in this favorite seasonal flavor are healing for the body, in addition to being super tasty!

I encourage you to try it in different recipes and see how you can spice up your classic dishes, and please do share here! I'd love to hear how you used this spice blend, and get an idea or two myself!

Also, I'd love for you to pin this blog on your boards, to give some inspo and information on this popular trend during this time of year.

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