Flirtin' With the Booze-Free Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


..and I aint mad about putting out so early on in our relationship! In fact, over three years later, and our relationship is more substantial, real, raw, vulnerable and beautiful than ANY wine sloshed, one-way ticket to Bangtown!

Wanna flirt with sobriety, but not sure you wanna go all the way? That’s what being sober-curious is all get to make the rules, according to what feels good and feels comfortable to you.

Let me challenge you with this today: Make two columns, and on the left column, right down all the positive, happy things that come from drinking. On the right side, write down all the negative, unhappy things that come from drinking. Visually assess which column has more items, and give yourself a moment to let that reality sink in.

Maybe now your perspective has begun to switch, even if ever so slightly. Presenting opposing items in this fashion has helped me personally so many times with seeing things more clearly, giving me a much needed reality check when I don’t know what to do.

So now, if you want to begin flirting with sobriety, I invite you to engage in that flirty tango, nervous as all hell and all. Take a small bite and see how it tastes. Ready to go all the way, you sexy vixen, you?! Grab your one-way ticket to Boozelessville and rip off those bandages and ride that pony...being a bad girl never felt so good!

Let me know where you're at in your sober-curious journey, and what ideas you've flirted with when it comes to either cutting back or quitting!

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