How To Create A Meditation Space

Meditation has been one of my most favorite wellness practices that I have incorporated into my life, and building my very own meditation space was like having the soothing vibes of a spa radiate out into my home just from building it.

While there are many forms and methods of meditating, having your very own space carved out really sets the tone for the importance of this practice, and will most likely help you make this into a regular part of your lifestyle.

To begin, you don't need a lot of space to make your meditation area functional. I live in 500 sq. feet, and with a full living room, bedroom, kitchenette and office area, I have managed to carve out the most perfect meditation space just at the foot of my bed, so nothing is off limits! Find a space that has less traffic and is functional to either lie down or sit, and start here.

Next, an altar is a great staple to have, that will house your meditation decor and necessities. An altar can be as simple as a side table, and as elaborate as an actual carved wooden altar. You just want to have a flat surface that can accommodate a few items that can heighten your vibes when you're quieting your mind during this practice. My altar is actually a layer I took off from a stackable shelf, so it has four legs and flat top surface...and it fits perfectly for the length of my bed, making it look like it was built for that space!

Next, you'll want to have a mat or cushion to sit or lie upon while you meditate. A simple yoga mat will do, or if you want to purchase a comfy seat cushion for sitting or a padded mat to lie down on, go for it. I opted to grab a padded cushion, a bit longer in length, and I found that a simple dog bed cushion did the trick.

Another item I have that can really set the peaceful vibes of your meditation space is a floor/area rug. It doesn't have to be too over the top, but a small little area rug, to put underneath your altar or your mat/cushion really enhances the space with a patterned textile. Again, this is your space, so you add what your space is calling for.

Now, let's talk about items for the favorite part of my meditation space. I think its important to incorporate the different elements of the Earth, so I like to always have fire, wood, water, & air present at my altar:

fire: candle

wood: Palo Santo smudging stick

water: electric waterfall or essential oil diffuser

air: incense with open window

There's also a few other items on my altar, that are terrific to add to any meditation space: crystals, mantra cards, a ceramic Buddha, a dream jar, and an oracle deck.

I like pulling cards from my oracle deck, after my meditations, to help answer any questions I may have from a given message I receive , or simply to gain more clarity around something.

So there you have it, a basic outline on what you might want include when you create your magical meditation space!

I'd love to know what items you include or feel pulled to have at your space, so please do share! And since I am a total list gal, let's just recap the items I have included here in this blog:

  • carved out space, with less traffic

  • an altar

  • a padded mat or cushion

  • floor/area rug

  • decor for the altar: candles, smudging sticks, electric waterfall or oil diffuser, incense & fresh air, crystals, mantra cards, dream jar, Buddha, oracle deck

I hope you find this blog helpful when it comes to creating a beautiful and magical space to begin this wellness practice, and I would love for you to share this blog post on your Pinterest boards, by clicking the image right here!

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