Angel Numbers

The Universe is always sending us signs, and its up to us to remember to keep our eyes and ears open.

One of the many ways I receive messages from the Universe, my guardian angels or Spirit guides is through angel numbers- a sequence of numbers that are the same and a number pattern that you constantly see. These numbers can be translated by numerology, and hold profound messages to things you might need insight to or a moment you need to be way more present for.

One of the coolest stories I have of when my guides were trying to deliver me a message is when I was looking at this home that I now currently live in. I was very much ready to live by myself, which was becoming increasingly more important as I became more comfortable with my own thoughts and self and not requiring constant companionship from the fear of being alone.

I needed a space of my own, and I was bursting at the seams to begin CREATING, but it came with quite the price tag, especially in the areas I was looking to live.

I found a few places that were a tad out of my price range but were in my most desirable areas, so I booked appointments to see three homes. Before I could make it to the first two appointments, someone would have seen it before me and it they scooped it up (I mean, I don't blame them! Its coastal northern San Diego...simply gorgeous and anything affordable doesn't last more than one and half seconds.)

I was beginning to lose faith that I would be able to secure my own home, and if they weren't scooped up right away, then they were phony ads to homes that didn't even exist. The last home that I had scheduled an appointment for seemed WAY too good to be true, but I held my breath as the scheduled appointment time neared and no one had called to tell me it was off the market. I remember vividly asking for a very clear sign from above, because I really wanted this place...and what happens next is the magical stuff I live for.

I arrived to the home, and it was absolutely perfect...but it was far, really far from most things in my life. The doubt started to set in, but I toured the home and fell in love. The distance factor tripped me up, and I began thinking I should schedule a few more places, that were closer, but I didn't want to lose this place.

While most angel numbers are the same number in succession, my specific angel number is my birthday (1024), and I see those digits ALL THE TIME. As I waivered on signing right then and there, I stepped into the last part of the home and saw the microwave that was on the counter. It was close to 1:30 that day and right there, on the microwave, was displayed the incorrect time, and what time might you ask was displayed? 10:24, my angel number.

I asked for a clear sign, and there it was, on the microwave, clear as day.

I moved into that home and have been here ever since.

When we don't know what to do, we have an entire spiritual team ready to help us, giving us signs all the time, if only we paid closer attention. If you are attuned to receiving these messages, it can give you immense clarity with the direction of your life. If this is completely foreign to you, it's cool. You can begin by simply paying attention to your surroundings, and looking for angel numbers, like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc. It's really great if you're a skeptic, too, because you can just shrug it off and think "yea, whatever, ok...numbers showing up are telling me a message...riiiiiiight....", but just start by being aware. Bring awareness to the time, to license plates, phone numbers on the television, views/ likes on social media, money spent on your receipts...if your guides, angels, God, Universe...WHATEVER you want to call it, knows you're paying attention to the signs, the signs will come. Let me repeat: THEY WILL COME.

Once you begin seeing the numbers, you can translate them through numerology. There are plenty of resources that can translate numbers, and while that is not my specialty, I have dabbled in researching and understanding numerology, and there's an untapped wealth of information you can gain from the numbers you see in your life. It opens up a whole new way to view your life, and how to navigate your journey.

Since losing my restaurant job and pouring all my energy into my blogs and Hypegirl Healing,

I have been seeing angel numbers MULTIPLE times a day, to the point its comical.

My spiritual team definitely wants me to know that I am taken care of and to keep doing what I'm doing...and I felt a particular tug to share my wisdom on angel numbers, that are guiding me to write this blog and to grow Hypegirl Healing in this direction...and please look at the time, that I just so happened to check while writing this spot of the blog CANNOT make this stuff up!

So wild, right?


- start paying attention, and see what numbers come up for you.

- look into translating the numbers to see if it holds any wisdom you may be searching for.

- at the very least, know that you have a spiritual team that is supporting you every step of the way.

Connecting to this type of communication can and will be pretty damn cool, if nothing else.

So try it out, and let me know what comes up for you!

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