Good Vibes Only

This is a topic that I could talk endlessly about, and a topic that I need a reminder on again and again.

I think it's safe to say we may all have lowered our vibe at one point or another, and today's blog post lends a few different ways we can keep those high vibes flowing without getting caught in habits that drag us down.

Everything in this world is energy, and energy radiates out a certain frequency, a certain vibration. What you ripple out into the world as your frequency will be matched and reciprocated. Its scientific law.

Call it the Law of Attraction, call it karma, call it matched energy, call it vibes....whatever you'd like. We can all agree on this principle of science, right?!

When we're trying to vibrate higher, to move past all the BS that daily life can bring, we need to make sure we're not engaging in lower vibrational habits, and today, I want to highlight some of those habits so it enters our field of awareness and we can tweak our habits accordingly.


You know the folks, who are set in their ways, who refuse to see other sides to a story, who believe it's their way or the highway? In this day in age, people have become very vocal about what viewpoints they stand behind, things they are passionate about, things they care about, etc. Speaking your truth is definitely a new age term that is gaining recognition, and if you are engaging with people who refuse to look beyond their limited scope of reality, then you're matching their limited vibration, which will, in turn, lower your vibe. We should be surrounding ourselves with people who support us, who are open to different viewpoints that can enrich our lives with their wisdom (or give us a juicy bone to gnaw on from their radical differences in views) or who can remain open-minded despite the differences. Trying to engage with limited minds leaves you frustrated and on a low let's not do that!


Guilty! Been there, done that, and it gets you NOWHERE because you no longer belong there!

How many times have we tried to remain where it's comfortable, only to realize it actually makes us miserable? The unknown is definitely a place where growth happens, and, in fact, its the ONLY way I know how to continue to grow and learn all the things I have thus far along my journey. Sure, I have MANY a times wanted to go back to the "way things used to be", but sometimes, that option does not exist because you have moved on and that reality is not a place you fit into anymore, or a place your soul will feel comfortable in. Staying in a place you've outgrown is like clipping a bird's'll stay in that low vibe energy because there is no room to grow, to soar, to expand. To keep those high vibes flowing, you must enter into the larger arenas!


Oof, friends, this is a BIG one for me, especially in this online business game! Jump on social media, and you can immediately feel "less than" within a few minutes of scrolling through your feed. You see the picture-perfect moments that are shared, and our egos just LOVE to taunt us with thoughts of how much BETTER, BIGGER, MORE SUCCESSFUL, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER your feed is in comparison to you and your life. You can feel like someone is more liked, more accepted, more heard and seen, more understood, more relatable than you are...and friends, THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE!

The number one way to lower your vibe is to give away your power to someone or something else, because the truth of the matter is, we inherently have EVERYTHING we need in order to live that high vibe life! When we compare ourselves to another, based off of what we *think* we know (from their highlight reel on social media, for example), we automatically go into a "not enough" state of mind...and to live in that space means we're forgetting about how AMAZING the smallest things in OUR lives are.When you find yourself in this mind space, GET OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Take the day off from scrolling. Get outside and get moving in nature. Take a shower and rinse off that negative energy. Get out your journal or even take a few minutes to type on your phone a few things you are grateful for, no matter how small (like being able to see all the beautiful things with your spot on 20/20 vision). Lift that energy and vibrate higher, and watch those good vibes flow easily into your life once again.

Friends, let's keep those good vibes flowing now that we have some awareness around the very things that can drag us down. If you want to stay on-track with the high vibe life, check out The Wellness Workbook, a beautifully curated 37-page instant digital download that's been designed to guide you to living your biggest, most vibrant good vibes only kinda life! To learn more or to grab your copy today, click here.

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