Who Are We Trying to Fool?

“No...honestly...I barely ate anything and the pours were pretty heavy...and I only had like...4, 5 glasses of wine, MAX, and I NEVER get drunk like that off of wine..” • Oh no? Maybe it was the shot and the other two glasses you forgot about, AND the prescription pill cocktail that got you so shitcanned, Becky.

How many of us have has this conversation the morning after a drunken night out? Playing the ol’ “I drank on an empty stomach which is why is why I got so hammered” speech?

Let’s stop kidding ourselves, huh? I know we’re trying to save our dignity and spare the embarrassment to our ego, but let’s stop pretending we are clueless as to how we got so wasted, when we DAMN well know the rosé champs led to the robust Bordeaux, which was hitting that sore spot from your shit ass day at the job you despise.

Wanna start a different conversation, one that includes the truth of the matter, and not for anything more than to release those heavy ass judgements about ourselves?

Wanna deep dive on the other side of this secretive ego-protecting bullshit we have put ourselves through, to gain insight, inspiration, and support?

Well, well, well...you have landed on the right blog!

Grab your new companion, The Wellness Workbook, that will help guide you through some of these thoughts to achieve your wellness goals, that maybe include cutting back on drinking and the eliminating the excuses we have all used to save face the morning after.

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