The Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard the saying "energy flows where attention goes"?

This idea is the basis of this blog post, because we are going to dive deep into this Universal Law, that not many of us have been properly educated on. This practical principle will help you magnetize the very things you wish for in your life, and will be a staple in your wellness practice as you begin achieving things you only thought possible in a daydream!

For starters, let's define the law of attraction:

the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

Easy to understand, right?

Not complicated.

With this law, it is understood that we are attracting the very things we focus on in our lives, both consciously and subconsciously.

Next, let's define who this law applies to:

every single human being, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, skillset, IQ, education level, location, or any other category you think someone has to fall into in order to have this law be applicable.

Now, going back to the actual definition, let's break this down a bit further, so we can REALLY understand how to apply this law in our favor. The law states we attract the things we focus on, so let's take a moment so you can actually think about what you're focused on, both consciously AND subconsciously.

For me, I have been focusing on some pain I have been experiencing in my foot and in my back/neck area, and more than I care to admit. I wake up and I am immediately focused on the pain, and throughout my day, I am analyzing the severity of the pain, seeing if its getting better or worse.

Subconsciously, I am worrying about the pain getting worse, and wondering if my haydays of no pain are over.

This is causing MORE worry and pain, and attracting MORE negative to this situation, than if I focused on finding remedies and solutions, and focusing on feeling better, and visualizing my body healing itself whole again...see how this works?

So, this leads into the next topic with the Law of Attraction, and that is you are the creator of your reality.

Let me say that again-


You get to make choices every single day, that will either move you closer to your dreams or not.

The choices you make create the reality in which you live in, and I don't know about you, but I want my reality to be beautiful, happy, fulfilling, inspiring, and filled with creativity and loving kindness. So when we are creating our reality, and choosing how that reality looks and feels, tastes and smells, it starts with the mind and what we are allowing our subconscious to run on replay.

Those thoughts that are constantly playing in the background are the thoughts that we are subconsciously focusing on, and that a lot of times are driving our decisions. So as we put this law into practice, we must choose what we WANT to focus on, both in our minds and in our physical day to day.

It definitely takes practice, to train our minds to focus on what WE want, as opposed to what our subconscious minds THINK we should focus on (hi, 3AM panic attack about a situation that happened three years ago!)

Now that we've got the basics covered, let's talk about HOW to make this law a part of your wellness practice, so you can begin attracting the very things you want and desire for your life!

Here are a few ways you can begin implementing the Law of Attraction:

  • visualization

  • journaling

  • meditation

If you see it, you can achieve it.

I am a firm believer and avid follower of the practice of visualization, and I have written an entire blog about this very topic that you can read here.

When it comes to journaling, writing down the very things you want to attract in your life is a majorly powerful tool, especially when you get super specific; describe how it looks, describe how it feels, what is all around you and how it all flows with what you want. Also, writing in the present state, as if it already is true, just helps the subconscious mind to further the belief that it is already a part of your life. Below I have a few journal prompts to help get the juices flowing for attracting the things you desire:

  • Spend a few minutes visualizing your ideal life, then write about it in detail.

  • List TEN intentions you want to attract in ANY area of your life.

  • Write about TEN positive things that are currently in your life.

  • Write about the biggest desire you have in this current moment in full detail.

  • What does your dream morning look like? Write in full detail about it.

  • What does your dream evening look like? Write in full detail about it.

Last, the power of meditating and giving ourselves the time and space to plant the seeds of intention, for the very things we want to cultivate in our lives, is so very important. Meditation is a practice of quieting the inner dialogue so that the peace and solitude of a silent mind can be experienced. In that silence, the mind can go places without restriction, without noise and without criticism.

If you've ever thought about carving out a space in your home for meditating, this blog will guide you along the process to building your very own meditation space.

As we wind down this topic, the last step to putting this law into practice is to build a plan of action. Understanding what this Universal Law means, how it works, and how to make it a part of your practice are all integral parts of process, but not putting together a plan of action will get you nowhere fast.

This is a step most fail at because they don't know where to start and the overwhelm keeps them from taking action. Let me erase the overwhelm and introduce you to The Wellness Workbook, which is designed to guide you along your journey to living your dream life.

This is a 37-page digital download that will take the very things you are wanting to attract more of, and gets them down on paper & builds a solid plan of action (including that crucial subconscious work!) to move you from overwhelm into magnet attracter mode. To learn more about this tool, click here.

Thanks for reading all about the Law of Attraction, and hoping this helps you get that much closer to your dream life! I'd love for you to pin this blog on your boards, to give some inspo and information on this topic that others could find helpful!

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