Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Pause, right here, in this exact moment. Listen to your thoughts for the next 60 seconds. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Now write down as many of those thoughts that you can remember. And now, look at what you wrote. Look at what is ruminating in that subconscious mind of yours.

Take it one step further: what was the tone and temperature of your thoughts? Anxious? Stressed? Yelling? Loud? Pressured? Gentle? Loving? Welcoming? Angry? Hurtful? If your thoughts were a jumbled mess of to-do’s, loud demands, hurtful and shameful scorns, or just an overall tangle of anxious black voids...guess what? YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Every single one of us have an overactive, over-analytical brain with millions and millions of thoughts it processes through on any given day. Its wired to protect us, in situations that it perceives as harmful or dangerous, and is constantly focused on the threats to keep us safe.

We must allow room in the thought process of our day for the GOOD, the BEAUTIFUL, the GRATEFUL and all the LOVE that wants to express in our lives...but attention goes where energy flows...

So start here, each day. Recognize where your thoughts are taking you. Thank them, for protecting you from future harm, and acknowledge them for their unwavering safety of your well-being. And then, choose a new narrative, that is inclusive of your dreams, your desires, your gratitude, the beauty of the sunrise in the morning, your joy for the health and vitality on this day, and of your loved ones...whatever you want, for your life. Sixty seconds a day. Listen to your thoughts. Acknowledge your thoughts. Thank your thoughts. Change your thoughts. Change YO LIFE.

Let me know how this quick lil' practice helps you, and be sure to pin this to your boards in Pinterest to help someone else who may need this today!

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