Perfect is Boring

Perfect: adjective /ˈpərfikt/ having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Can anyone relate with trying to be perfect? I sure can! You see, we have been taught to be a certain way, that oftentimes has women in a competitive mode to be “more” than and “better” than the next, for the end result of “and THEN I’ll be perfect.” We spend a good majority of our life, trying to be like everyone else, who in our eyes, are perfect: perfect skin tone, perfect hair color, perfect body shape and size, perfect teeth, perfect smile, perfect style, perfect relationships, perfect life, perfect eyebrows, perfect lashes...

It’s time we realize and love our unique selves, that make us one of a kind. Love the quirky lil’ things that no one else can claim, replicate, or own, because it is perfectly part of YOU. Why blend in, when you were BORN to stand out? Perfect is boring, ladies. Let that light SHINE, and own the power of your unique self.

And remember, you are perfect JUST as you are.

Share with me one thing you have struggled with when it comes to accepting yourself, and how you came to love that part of yourself.

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