Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holidays are such a special time of year, and so many of us like to indulge a little (or a LOT) when it comes to the holidays. Whether it’s food, shopping, drinking, spending, or something else, the OVER indulgences can definitely set us back, if we don’t come up with an easy game plan.

When it comes to drinking and the holidays, it gets hard to not indulge in those special traditions: that special bourbon you drink by the fire, that champagne at sunrise tradition, the special mugs for your spiked coffees and cocoas...

So how do you stay sober and stop drinking when drinking is a part of your holiday tradition?

It’s easy, friends, and that’s how I like to keep things, easy peasy! The holidays are already such a busy and sometimes hectic time of year, so let’s not complicate the booze-free journey!

In today’s post, I am sharing three super easy ways to help YOU stay on that sober path during a time of year when the alcohol just keeps on flowing. So let’s jump right into it, and get you set-up for sober SUCCESS this holiday season!

TIP ONE: Use The Fancy Glass

This has been my go-to tip for sobriety, because it‘s SO super simple and so incredibly effective!

Part of the enjoyment of drinking is the actual glass your alcoholic beverage goes know, that that long-stemmed wine glass or that monogrammed tumbler that only comes out in December... Re-purpose those glasses with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, and gang, you’ll be surprised how satisfying it is to not drink AND still feel those fancy holiday vibes!

TIP TWO: Catch Some Extra Zzzzzs


How is this a tip?

Well, friends, we all know just how many holiday parties and gatherings start filling the calendar, and how exhausted that can leave us during this most magical time of year.

How about you take a load off, and begin saying no to some of these parties?!

I know, it sounds crazy...”but I can’t NOT go to so and so’s party!”...but you can do it!

Again, let’s keep it easy - it’s as simple as not overcommitting yourself to too many parties, and saying “I won’t be able to make it this year.” and enjoy yourself an early night to bed!

Not putting yourself in temptation’s way and staying home is an easy way to stay on track AND not get yourself exhausted (which is when temptation wins).

TRUST ME, it feels virtually impossible sometimes to say no to all the parties and commitments, but try it: say no, stay in, catch some extra zzzzzs, and feel AMAZING the next morning, ready to tackle another booze-free morning!

TIP THREE: Have A Plan of Action

Ok, so now you have plans to go to the party, to the family dinner, to the aunt’s house that makes you want to down a bottle BEFORE you get what?

EASY. You build a plant of action.

What is a plan of action?

A plan of action is a loose start to finish outline you design beforehand, so you have actions in place to support your sober lifestyle.

This is what it can include:

What drinks will I have/bring?

How long will I plan to stay?

What is my exit plan should I feel uncomfortable?

For drinks, I am usually just fine with water, but to feel a bit fancy, try out some ginger ale in a champagne flute or some bubbly water in a wine glass. I have been known to show up with my coffee, so that’s always a solid bet, too. Just make sure you know what you’ll drink if it‘s anything more than water, and if you need to bring your own beverages, then go right ahead!

Knowing a general timeline of how long you intend to be out will definitely keep things in line. If you think that two hours is a solid timeline to visit, and time ends up flying by, GREAT! But if things get dicey and you want to get out, you already have a plan of action in place to quickly exit.

So, this is why having an exit plan in place is very important, because if things do get dicey, or your plan was to stay for two hours but it’s been 45 minutes and you’re ready to tap out, having designed an exit plan will get you out and on your way. Here are a few examples:

  1. I have an early morning tomorrow“

  2. ”I have a headache and not feeling super great.”

  3. “The sitter had a change of plans and I need to get home.”

You do NOT need to give a reason for leaving, but sometimes all it takes is a simple script you have planned out, should you need an escape, to help calm your anxiety and feel empowered about your choice to not drink during the holidays.

And there you have it!

Use these tips and discover just how easy it can be to have a beautiful holiday season, without alcohol, without hangovers, and without shame or anxiety! Keeping things simple and easy, and having those plans and actions in place, is the name of the sober holiday game!

If you‘re super new to the sober life, check out my blog here, which gives more tools and resources on navigating the fears around quitting drinking and getting sober, that can sometimes sabotage our booze-free life.

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