How To Do Las Vegas Solo and Sober

Las Vegas.

Sin City.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

What is the first thing that comes to mind for you when you hear Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Strip?

Bachelorette/bachelor parties in Las Vegas?

Party time?

Las Vegas casinos?

Las Vegas gambling?

I'd have to agree if you thought of any or all of the above because that was my idea of Las Vegas, until recently.

Now, Las Vegas for me is a solo and sober travel destination, and in this post, I'll be dishing all my secrets on how you, too, can travel alone to Las Vegas, and enjoy everything this magical place has to offer while being sober!

In this blog, you'll learn:

  • how to book an affordable room

  • how to stay safe while being alone

  • what to do for activities

  • what are my favorite spots


One of the things I love about Las Vegas is that it can be as extravagant or minimal as you'd like.

When it comes to hotels, I'm usually not super picky, and my four requirements include:

  • must be located on the Las Vegas strip

  • must have a gym/spa

  • ideally a room with a bathtub

  • MUST HAVE POOL (that's open while I'm there)

The last requirement, about the pool, is an important one for me because I LOVE the pool party scene in Las Vegas (before the debauchery happens), and most pools in Las Vegas are only open seasonally (March-Sept/Oct).

So once I decide I want to take a Las Vegas trip, I turn to and start checking out prices.

They have a tracker tool so you can see how/when the prices fluctuate, ensuring you get the best price possible.

I do this right up until the day of my trip, because 9 times out of 10, the best prices happen within 24 hours of your reservation. This is not always the case, but as I have come to realize, waiting until the last 24 hours of travel scores you a solid deal.

For my most recent trip, I drove to Las Vegas and waited until I was 45 minutes away from the strip, and booked my room at the rest stop. It was the cheapest rate AND my room was absolutely KILLER!

Also, I book one night at a time, as a Monday night was $40 cheaper than a Sunday night, and combining my dates in one transaction was a total of $20/night MORE than if I booked separately. And FYI- the hotels/resorts want your business, and I received a text from the hotel's virtual concierge telling me that I could have one night free if I booked a room in the next 24-hours...and VIOLA! I was already planning on staying 3 nights, and so I got a night FREE!

PS: most times, when you are booking each individual night, you can request to stay in the same room, so I just call down to the front desk to tell them I extended my stay, and avoid having to swap rooms.


Friends, this is a very important piece when traveling alone, and I have a few tips to share that I have come to learn through my own solo travel.

  1. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS: always be sure you are face up and alert, not face down on your phone.

  2. WHO IS IN YOUR ELEVATOR: as an extra precaution, be the last one to hit what floor you're going to, to ensure no one in your elevator knows your location.

  3. 365 VIEWS: as you get off on your floor, do a 365 turn and view who is again in your surroundings. Entering your room without anyone in view is ideal.

  4. SMALL TALK: if you engage with others, never mention you are alone. Instead, I have said that my friends are back in the room super hungover MULTIPLE times. It works like a charm.

  5. TELL SOMEONE YOU TRUST: I always tell someone that I am traveling, just to be sure someone knows I'll be gone for however long.

  6. LOCATION TRACKER: ensure your location tracker on your phone is on, and if the person you tell you're traveling is a trusted person, they can keep tabs on your whereabouts. Learn more on how this works in this article here:


When you're sober, Las Vegas may seem like the LAST place you'd want to visit...but in my experience, it's an amazing location to go for a few days to just be FABULOUS!

My trips are usually no more than 3 days, and in those three days, I like to do an array of things.

Again, Vegas can be as extravagant or as minimal as you'd like.

My trips are ALWAYS revolved around the food scene, as most every reputable and renowned Chef has a spot in Vegas.

I also love a good workout, when most of Vegas is still asleep, which is why it's important for me that the hotel has a decent gym. Most gyms are located inside the spa, which gives you access to some of the amenities that might otherwise require an additional fee (like access to the saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, steam baths, salt caves, etc.)

I also LOVE an amazing spa day with treatments and bodywork, so scheduling in a treatment or two to pamper yourself is always a good idea! This is where getting a room with a bathtub is also a priority for me, because sometimes, all I need/want is some peace and quiet soaking in the tub, with my face mask, essential oils, epsom salts, and candles (all stuff I bring from home for my trip!)

No trip is ever complete without a lil' party action, and while I skip the nightclubs, you can most DEFINITELY find me at the pool scene! Most pools open around 10 AM, so this gives me plenty of time to get a morning workout in, enjoy some breakfast, grab some snacks and get my booty to the pool to grab a sweet spot before the hungover masses flock to grab spots later in the day.

And while this doesn't happen on every trip of mine, adding in a Las Vegas show can be the best part of your trip! This year, I wasn't able to go to any shows, but in 2018, I went to Magic Mike, and ladies...THAT was a memory I'll not soon forget!


There are a few spots that I always visit when I'm in Las Vegas, so I wanted to share my favorite places so you, too, can experience the magic of Las Vegas:

There is so much to see and to do, and most times, just walking around and seeing which way the wind will blow you is the best way to discover Las Vegas. I have found that just being curious and poking into each hotel and each nook and cranny, you can uncover secret spots that will soon become your treasured memories from your trip!

In conclusion, you can see that trips to Las Vegas do NOT need to include blackouts and bad choices, but rather, can include whatever it is that YOU like to do. I cannot tell you how many people ask me what I do in Vegas if I don't drink, and how I travel there by myself, and my hope is that this post will shine a light on those answers for those of you who would like to know...and maybe even inspire MORE of you to go take that solo trip and get the MOST out of your sobriety!

For more tips on sobriety in general, check out my sobriety blogs here, and if you'd like to begin (or continue) a sober journey of your own, but need a little guidance along the way, The Sober Handbook is the perfect tool to help uncover your relationship to alcohol, so you can get down to the WHY and stop drinking for good!

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