The Benefits of Sobriety

If you have been thinking about quitting drinking, most likely you are thinking of all things that you’ll be losing and/or all the things you’ll have to give up...but what about the positive things that you will GAIN when you stop drinking alcohol?

In this blog, I’d like to help shed some light on all the GOOD things you’ll experience when you ditch the booze and begin your sober lifestyle!


It is so easy for us to focus on all the bad...actually, it’s pretty normal to dwell on all the bad before thinking about all the good, and it takes conscious streaming of your thoughts to remind yourself of all the good that is about to happen in your life from making a choice to change your comfortable patterns and habits.

So let me help you start that conscious stream of positive thinking by sharing all the wonderful benefits of sobriety!

I’ll be breaking each one down, but here’s a list of just a *few* of the wonderful things you can expect when you stop drinking alcohol:

  • Better skin

  • Better sleep

  • More energy

  • More productivity

  • More motivation

  • More money

  • Increased stamina

  • Increased clarity

  • Decreased body weight

  • Decreased anxiety

  • A decrease in poor judgement


One of the best benefits of quitting drinking is the physical changes you’ll begin to see in a rather short amount of time.

Your skin will become flawless and radiant, with a newfound glow and twinkle in your eyes.

You sleep will be so refreshing and restful, and you’ll notice just how energized you’ll begin to feel when you wake up in the morning.

That newfound energy will carry over throughout your entire day, and you’ll soon experience an increase in your overall stamina as the day clocks on.

You’ll soon see a decrease in body weight, as you’re no longer be carrying a toxic load that your body cannot flush away, and all those calories that you once consumed are gone.


Once you quit drinking alcohol, the mental benefits are extraordinary!

You’ll soon realize just how much alcohol has been numbing out your thoughts, feelings, and mental capacity to function, as a new sense of purpose and clarity fill your awareness.

Within the first few days, that hangxiety (the crippling anxiety you experience when you are suffering from a brutal hangover) might be the first thing you notice has vanished!

From there, the productivity you’ll begin to experience, the things you'll accomplish in your day, will be more than you probably would’ve accomplished in a month while you were drinking.

Your motivation will be through the roof, and you’ll soon begin to realize the scope of issues that alcohol was causing in your life.


Once you begin getting sober, you’ll notice just how much money you’ll be saving by not drinking alcohol.

For me, I save roughly $12,000 a year, which is about $1000 a month JUST by giving up this one toxic habit.

I have an entire blog post on how I saved over $40,000 by quitting drinking, and how I was able to get out of debt and begin creating multiple streams of income. It’s definitely worth the read because this one benefit alone is enough to make most people become more interested in sobriety!

Lastly, when you’re drinking, the lack of good judgement can cause an anxiety spiral the morning after, when the reality of those choices come crashing down. You can say GOODBYE to those poor judgement calls when you’re blackout drunk, which will again help eliminate that awful anxiety, regret, and shame we all experience from our drunken choices.


As you can see, there are so many benefits to focus on and be excited about when you decide to quit drinking alcohol, instead of thinking about all the things you’ll “lose out” on.

One benefit leads into another, as you can see above, and combined they will help end this vicious cycle of “just one drink”, that turns into 1,543, that turns into a much drunker situation than anticipated, that turns into a brutal hangover, unmanageable anxiety, and shame...that is on repeat over and over again.

If you’re looking to stop drinking alcohol and begin a sober life, start by getting excited about ALL THE BENEFITS you’ll begin to experience, and take it one step further and make it real!

Here at Hypegirl Healing, there are a few tools to help guide you along your sober journey.

The Sober Handbook is the perfect tool to help you uncover your true relationship with alcohol, so you can get to the root of your drinking habit.

Also, check out the 30-Day No Drinking Challenge, which is designed to have you take little steps outside of your comfort zone as you get sober! Connect with other participants in your very own exclusive community and feel supported and seen every step of the way.

I hope this post helps you feel a bit better about beginning a sober lifestyle and makes you feel more empowered to take that brave step forward into action!

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